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  • June 27th, 2007

    Red Sox 7, Seattle 8:
    Still think Gabbard was the right choice here?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:53 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    6 walks…6…WALKS?????

    So, who exactly thought bringing Kason Gabbard up over Jon Lester was a good idea? I know he has been pitching well in Pawtucket, and he got 1 major league win under his belt, and this is Seattle, but 6 WALKS???? That is what killed him in this game, in this game, the inability to throw a strike of any kind…His final line: 3 1/3 innings pitches, giving up 4 runs on 6 hits and the 6 walks…Here is how the 1st inning played out: strikeout, walk, single, walk, hit batter, walk, walk, GIDP…

    And unfortunately, on a night that the Sox hit 7 runs, the pitching staff could not stop the bleeding and limit Seattle to less than that….and only reason it wasn’t 11-7 is because Joel Pineiro twisted his ankle and was unavailable last night….

    And what is this nonsense about “lets all get together and put on a massive rally to vote Manny in as as all-star”? Why? Year after year, time after time, Manny gets elected to start in the All-Star game, and every year his grandmother, or his mother or his goldfish gets sick, or his leg hurts, or his back hurts, or he’s only 4….Let someone else get the glory of being voted in and being able to go, instead of being a fill in for Manny….

    And yes, I noticed Julio Lugo was out of the lineup–and his abysmal .191 batting average–AND the fact that he has not had a hit since June 14–a span of 29 at-bats–he comes up–Automatic out…but Tito continues to keep him in the lineup more often than he doesn’t…

    One good thing about Jon Lester still being at Pawtucket (if he is still there after Kabbard’s awful night last night…), the Pawtucket/W-B Skankees gave I went to see last month that was rained out is rescheduled as part of a day night doubleheader on July 4th–perhaps I will see Jon Lester there? Or possible even Schilling??

    Coming up: Daisuke takes the mound to try and stop the slide, the sweep and the 7 game losing streak at Safeco Field this afternoon (is there anyone else out there besides me who thinks his whole album of “inspirational music” is completely bizarre and bonkers??? Game time is at a completely reasonable 4:35pm–no more middle of the night games until August! Ryan Feierabend (another pitcher with an 8+ ERA) takes the mound for Seattle.

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 7, Seattle 8:
    Still think Gabbard was the right choice here?”

    1. Ted D says:

      //So, who exactly thought bringing Kason Gabbard up over Jon Lester was a good idea?//

      ::raises hand::

      Christine, Gabbard was horrible last night, and he’d been very good in limited action: walks absolutely kill you. Just got home from work, and their is a storm over my house, which means no satellite for right now.

      Best thing about last night? Toronto and the Yankees lost also, so no ground was lost.

      Hope the wedding plans are going well.


    2. Ted D says:

      Christine, don’t know what happened to my earlier post: thought it went through.

      I thought Gabbard would have pitched much better than he did. But Daisuke is pitching a gem today: 2 hits allowed through 6 innings and the score tied 1-1.

      Hope the wedding plans are going well.


    3. Christine E. says:

      Hey Ted:

      For some reason, I had to approve your 1st comment, I have no idea why that happens sometimes….:-(

      Jusst got home myself, so I did not get to see any of hte game, although maybe that was not such a bad thing…hopefully getting home will help…and your right, since eveeryone lost last night, no ground was lost…

      Hope you are well!

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