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  • June 15th, 2007

    Red Sox 1, Colorado 7:
    5 runs…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:29 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    THAT is how many runs the anemic Sox offense scored off the Colorado Rockies in the last 3 games….The amount of runs the Rockies scored off one of the best pitching staffs and the best bullpen in the league? I am glad you asked…TWENTY…

    And perhaps the fact that the Sox are 5-4 in the last 9 games has something to do with the fact that, in those game, the Sox have scored two runs or fewer in SEVEN of them….TWO runs or FEWER!!! And there have been countless opportunities not taken–last nights game, bases loaded in the 2nd, 1 out…needless to say, nothing happened…Says Tito: “We’re not scoring runs in bunches…You always get tested. With 162 games, you’re going to be tested. We love this group. I don’t think anyone’s real thrilled with the amount of runs we’ve scored lately, but we’ll keep at it. We’ll get ourselves through it.”

    I cannot rag on Josh Beckett too much for last night’s abysmal performance–he has been dead nuts on for the whole season–everyone has days where they are less than stellar. His line: 5 IP, 10 Hits, 6 Runs, 1 walk, while striking 1, and allowing 2 homers….

    It appears all of the brouhaha was not necessary: Kevin Youkilis IS on the players ballot after all, as an apparently so is every other AL position player who was (unjustly or otherwise) bumped to accommodate the DH..

    Yesterday he was on WEEI, and the “hypothetical” question was asked: Would he accept $13 million (his current salary)to pitch for the Sox again in 2008, if the offer came now? Schill paused and said “Yes” I understand this question came out of left field, and probably massively put him, on the spot, but the fact that he just got lit up the day before, I think the appropriate answer should have been “That’s a hell of a question to ask me, the day after I got lit up” and left it at that…

    Welcome Back Dave Roberts: Tonight marks the 1st night Dave Robert will play at Fenway Park since his World Series stint with the Sox in ’04–and “THE Steal” Do you think it frosted Skeezy Bastard’s (aka Johnny Damon) bananas that other players come back and get the love, and all he gets is boos? GOOD

    Speaking of which, finally got rid of my Damon Jersey–I gave it to the Salvation Army…maybe some homeless man will enjoy it….

    Tonight: BatSh*t Julian takes the mound at 7:05pm against San Fran to try to stop the slide (!) Barry Zito pitches for the Giants…If the bats can get going against Zito, and Julian pitches the way be has been–I like our chances…as much as I can like our chances these days….ooooh boy….

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 1, Colorado 7:
    5 runs…”

    1. Carol says:

      I am game for a stellar performance tonight – Let’s go Red Sox!

    2. Ted D says:

      Julian, the stopper? Why not: it makes about as much sense as the Rockies series did. What in the world is going on?

      Tonight, it’s back to business. Zito is no mystery to the Sox, so I’m not worried about him. And maybe Tavarez can “accidentally” plunk Bonds.

      Be good,


    3. Carol says:

      TD – If Bonds is going to get “plunked”, it better not be from Schill or there will probably be trouble lol.

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