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  • June 12th, 2007

    Off Days: Anyone else abhor them as much as me?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:45 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    Some very random thoughts…

    The question has been asked (I am just wondering what took them so long…) if it would be a good idea to move Julio Lugo to the bottom of the order..I think this is a marvelous idea (yeah, your shocked, I know) I think we should move him to the bench and play Alex Cora every day. I know, I know, chances are Alex would not be a brilliant as he has been, but I would have to think he would be better than Lugo–I KNOW he is a better Shortstop…But, of course, Tito and his loyalty thing, which, I will admit, does work out for him (read: Mark Bellhorn) will give him more time to work it out. But the thing is–he has been in the major leagues for, how long? And his defense has always been an issue–I don’t see that changing anytime soon…

    So I guess the bottom line is–if he MUST be part of the starting 9, make him 9…

    Rather than waiting until June 18 when his rehab stint expired, the Sox activated Jon Lester from the DL and then promptly optioned him to Pawtucket, where he will start Friday’s game.

    While I am disappointed he will not be starting his next game in a Red Sox uniform, it’s probably a very prudent move. Everyone here is getting the job done–why mess with that? And no one has gotten injured–Josh Beckett is the only one who has even missed any starts…But eventually, it will happen, and then Tavarez will go the bullpen for long relief and spot starts. But then the next huge question is: Who goes from the Bullpen? Kyle Snyder? Javier Lopez? Someone else? My personal vote is they cut ties with Joel Pineiro…

    Now that the Sox are back home, Tito’s griping about fielding the correct team should subside–at least until next week…

    Can I just weigh in how much I am NOT Looking forward to Barry Bonds coming to the Fens this weekend? There will be WAY too much hype about him–hype he is unworthy of. Thankfully, he is too far away from “the record” to get it in Boston. Let’s hope Red Sox pitchers completely neutralize him…

    The Todd Helton murmurings are starting again–all I want to know is WHY?? Because he is a good bat? No denying it…But would he really make the Sox all that much better? It’s the same answer I gave at the beginning of the season–NO! Mike Lowell, despite the fact that he had no desire to leave Boston, still came up with something classy and witty when asked about a deal: “Straight up, yes. (I would make the deal)Our numbers don’t compare. However, I like me a lot more than I like Todd, and Todd is a good guy.”

    And there are STILL people talking about A-Fraud to the Sox next year when he opts out of his contract with the Skanks…PLEASE…STOP…NOW…

    And here is something I never thought would happen–and which has a GREAT deal to do with where the Sox are in the standings: As of today, the Red Sox bullpen is the best in the AL with a combined 2.90 ERA, In the last 25+ innings, the ‘pen has…get this…a 1.78 ERA.

    Tonight: Tim Wakefield takes the mound at 7:05pm and hopes the knucklers dancing in a good way against Todd Helton and the Rockies. Aaron Cook pitches for Colorado.

    3 Responses to “Off Days: Anyone else abhor them as much as me?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, Tito must have been listening to you rant about Lugo this season: Pedrioa and Youk are hitting 1 and 2, and Crisp is 7th, Dougie is 8th, and Lugo is 9th tonight.

      Off days suck eggs: glad the team is on tonight, and back at Fenway: 6 game sweep of the Rockies/Giants sound good?

      Hope you are well, and again I learn something from you: had no idea the Sox pen had that era: knew it was good, but not THAT good.

      Good job again Scoop. 🙂

    2. Carol says:

      Hello – From Stray-Rod to Barry Bonds ay-yi-yi!

      A nice, normal game time tonight… How refreshing!

    3. Christine E. says:

      Whoo Hoo!

      I love the way they always interview a hitter about how he feels about being moved…well, if you were gettin it DONE you would not have been moved…

      I know, Carol, drama is such a pain…but we got Todd Helton in the house for the next 3, so all people will talk about is how he may come to the Red Sox….

      Thanks for your comments–hope you are well!

      Go Sox!

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