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  • June 4th, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Skankees 6:
    The only think MORE revolting…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:46 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Than losing 2 of 3 to the Skanks, is losing by a homer by the bush-league, cheating, Slappy McBlue Lips…..

    Well, THAT certainly could have went better–I was hoping for at least 2 of 3….in our favor..instead, the Skanks leave 12.5 games behind, rather than the 16.5 they SHOULD be….

    A bunch of random thoughts about this series:

    Can anything be MORE hysterical than Roger Clemens all of a sudden coming up lame and unable to make his 1st start of the season–and the fact that its his GROIN, is more than a little ironic–don’t you think? I think he whole vision about how this would work out has gone totally out the window. When he made his big dramatic entrance from the owner’s box at the stadium, the Skanks were only 5.5 games out…now, a month later, and time from Roger to save the day–and they are 12.5 games behind the Red Sox, and 4th place in the AL East. Supposedly, he will be well enough to pitch against the Pittsburgh Pirates (A NL Team–a little scared of the better hitting AL, Rog?) on Saturday–but I will tell you right now–I would not even be the LEAST bit surprised if this “injury” drags on and on and on…and he decides to finally retire–HE is not the answer to what ails the Skanks–can he help? Maybe…but he is not the savior–by any stretch of the imagination…

    Remember how the Sox would beat the Skanks over the years, but end up in 2nd place anyway,├é┬ábecause they were not winning against everyone else? THIS is what these Skankees victories feel like to me–they can beat the Sox a bunch of times, but they cannot get it done against anyone else…and if that is the case, I can live with giving them a couple of wins, if it means they crash and burn against everyone else.

    Terry Francona chose to go with Tim Wakefield in Friday night’s loss–in hindsight, could have been any worse if Batsh*t Julian took his turn and pitched? I doubt it. The reason the Sox lost that game was a crazy-assed uncontrollable knuckler–as inevitable as rain….its happens…the next time he could throw a no hitter–but unfortunately, he has been less than stellar against the Skanks this year–so maybe next time let’s not rearrange everything to get Wake a start against them?

    An before everyone starts freaking out (myself included) about how this was a great momentum booster for the Skanks–remember this: last time they took 2 of out 3 from the Sox, they went into a downward spiral and lost 5 of their next 6–and the Sox WON 5 of their next 6–so if that were to happen again, it would be a beautiful thing…..And we have an 85 day vacation until we see them again–any chance they lose 80 out of their next 85?

    And last night’s game would have not been complete without Julio Lugo screwing the pooch and not actually TOUCHING home plate last night–which cost the run that would have tied the game…the one thing he is actually useful for–running–and he messes THAT up…

    Tonight: The midnight games begin! Batsh*t Julian Tavarez gets the start against Oakland, with their ace, Dan Haren toeing the mound at 10:05pm…I freaking HATE left coast games..UGH

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 5, Skankees 6:
    The only think MORE revolting…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: they won 2 but only picked up one game in the standings. I got hacked off, but the light of day sort of brought me back to my senses.

      Looking forward to not seeing them for close to 2 months: I’ve had my fill of Yankee games for awhile.

      Let’s hope Julian can baffle the A’s bats tonight.

      Hope you are well.


    2. Carol says:

      Hi Christine – I do find the Roger saga hysterical. All I can say is “ah-ha” -lol. And if you hate “left coast” games, then you must really hate 11-inning left-coast games!

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