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  • June 1st, 2007

    June 1: And the Red Sox own the best record in baseball at 36-16….

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:43 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    So, the Skanks are back for 3 tonight, and going into the series, with the Red Sox loss and the Skankee win…the Skanks are 13.5 games behind the Red Sox….hahahahahahahahahahahaha…ahem….sorry…and in the 6 games since the Sox have played the Skanks, the records are:

    Red Sox 5-1

    Skanks 1-5


    So let’s break this down:

    If the Red Sox sweep the Skanks, they will leave 16.5 (yes, that says SIXTEEN) games behind…and that would be MASSIVELY cool–and probably a HUGE back breaker for the Skanks…

    If the Skanks Sweep the Sox, they will leave 10.5 games behind–still pretty impressive, but not so cool if the Sox lose 3 to them…don’t want to give them ANY kind of momentum…

    If the Sox take 2 of 3, the lead will be 14.5

    If the Skanks take 2 of 3, the lead will be 12.5

    I stand by my default stance when it comes to a Skankee series: If the Sox can take 2 or 3, I will be happy…

    On one of the blogs I read, there was a poll: Would you rather the Yankees gets close, only to go down in flames, or for them never to even get close to contending? The argument being that it will hurt them (and their fans) more if they think they have a chance. Me, personally–a 100 games behind isn’t enough…I don’t want them to have a snowball’s chance in hell..I want them to be out out 50 games at the All-Star Break…I want every Skankee fan to know every day of the season their team will not even make the post season, never mind the World Series…THAT is what I want…

    I cannot help but be relieved that Giamb-o will not be participating in the series, being out for at least 3 weeks with “a severe injury”–plantar fasciitis, and a partially torn plantar fascia, which is the connective tissue between the heel and that base of the toes that supports the arch of the foot. And 3 weeks is a REAL stretch–he could potentially be out the rest of the season– And while I never would want any person to come to serious harm, that is what you get when you TRASH your body with CRAP…

    And has anyone noticed that next week we enter the “stay up all night to watch baseball” zone? (3) 10:05 games, and (2) 9:40 games, then 4 more 10:05 games at the end of the month…I hate nightNIGHT games…I usually fall asleep watching the game around the 4-5th inning…

    Tonight: Tim Wakefield toes the mound at 7:05pm, with Chien-Ming Wang pitching for the Skanks–Can we get some run support for Wake? Please?

    One Response to “June 1: And the Red Sox own the best record in baseball at 36-16….”

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: I’m with you. I want them so far back they are choking on the exhaust of the Devil Rays. 20 games would be right fine with me.

      Hopefully, Wake has got the “feel” tonight, and we hit both Wang and Mussina pretty well, with Beckett and Pettite basically cancelling each other out.

      I’d say the series looks in our favor on paper: hope it carries over to wins.


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