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  • Archive for May, 2007

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 3:
    That’s The Way I Like It….

    See? The Sox beat the Skanks and I suddenly feel SO much better–although there were times in last night game when I thought I was breaking out into hives–that is what you get when Batsh*t Julian pitches–lots of entertainment–but a greater hive potential… But, fortunately, Julian pitched well again last night, on his 34th birthday […]

    Red Sox 2, Skankees 6:
    Pretty Much Par for the course…

    While Tim Wakefield did not not have the brilliance he has has in his previous starts, as he struggled through 5 innings, giving six runs on nine hits while walking 5, the offense, once again, could not generate any kind of run support to even make this an interesting game… And WHY…T…F is Giambi even […]

    Red Sox 2, Tigers 1,
    Red Sox 4, Tigers 2:
    Sweeping the Doubleheader

    It’s always fun to win 2 out of 2–even if it doesn’t happen very often–It usually seems to work out that the game that the Sox has the least chance of winning (like game 1 yesterday) is the game they win, and then the other game, which the Sox have a much better chance of […]

    Red Sox 2, Tigers 7:
    Well, that could have went better…

    OK, maybe I was a bit hasty with the “ace” moniker, but based on the way Tim Wakefield has been pitching, I think it’s appropriate–despite no run support, Tim Wakefield goes out in every 5 days and keeps the Sox in the game–it’s not his fault they give him little or no run support. Unfortunately, […]

    Red Sox 7, Tigers 1:
    Happy Anniversary, Boston Red Thoughts!

    Yes, 1 year ago today, I began this Boston Red Sox blog, and 250 posts later, here I am…I have met alot of AMAZING people from all over the world and have learned so much. To everyone who reads BRT, who was kind enough to swap links, or leave a comment or 2: I am […]

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 5: “Freak things happen, I guess, when things are going good.”

    Josh Beckett’s quote above says it best… I did not get to see most of the game–but I happened to turn it on in the top of the 9th inning–just in time to see that the Sox were down 5-0, a victim of a 3-hitter, and that Josh Beckett, not only was on the receiving […]

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