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  • May 31st, 2007

    Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8:
    How do you say “That Sucked” in Japanese?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:35 am in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (7)

    When the Sox had the bases loaded with no outs in the 7th inning, with Youk and Big Papi up (got what I expected from Coco) I would have expected at least a run or 2 to come in–even the Grand Slam that Big Papi missed hitting by mere feet–but it was 3 up, 3 down and that was when I knew the Sox did not deserve to win this game…

    Yes, Daisuke was less than stellar, throwing 106 pitches, but only going 5 2/3 and and giving up 6 runs on 12 hits, but walked none and struck out 4. But all I keep telling myself is 15-16 wins and an ERA under 4 and I will consider the 2007 campaign a success for Daisuke…this stuff is bound to happen..and its not like Cleveland is a sucky team–they are one of the best in the AL this year, and have GREAT hitting…and at least it was not the freaking 4th inning that was the problem–rather the 5th and the 6th…

    Still not where he wants to be: pitching in his 3rd rehab appearance, Mike Timlin got through the whole inning this time–and gave up 3 hits and a run in the process. He will pitch again for Pawtucket in tonight’s game. Not sure Mike can get back where the Sox need him to be–maybe its time to hang up the glove..cause it seems like in the last year or so he is either injured, or being lit up…

    My friend Paul and I were having a discussion last week about the Sox, and the topic of personal scapegoat–you KNOW we all have them…one player that, no matter what, is at fault when the Sox lose (his is Coco Crisp)..and mine this year is….Julio Lugo…he is abysmal…he has been in the major leagues for how many years, and he still cannot coordinate himself enough to throw to 1st base…his fielding is HORRIBLE…and lets talk about his batting average–in his last nine games, he is hitting .125…I will ask this question again–What is the attraction to this guy? and why did Theo PAY SO MUCH FOR HIM???

    Can I just say how EXCELLENT it was that the Fenway faithful gave Trot Nixon so many standing ovations? Over all 3 nights, every time he went up the the plate–sometimes he even seemed embarrassed by the attention–he would get showered with love and admiration–as well he should–you think Skeezy Bastard (aka Johnny Damon) is off gnashing his teeth somewhere?

    Tomorrow, because there is a sucky OFF DAY today–more glee and joy and fun as the Skankees return to the Fens for 3–maybe Mercenary Roger can sit in one of the legends suites with a microphone and tell everyone how he WONT be “talking with y’all real soon” ARGH!!!…I…HATE…him…..Tim Wakefield will take the mound at 7:05pm and will get 35 runs of support. Chien-Ming Wang will pitch for the Skanks–and let’s hope its the sucky Chien-Ming Wang…

    7 Responses to “Red Sox 4, Cleveland 8:
    How do you say “That Sucked” in Japanese?”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I thought it was pure class the way Fenway greeted Trot: just goes to show, you can switch teams, just don’t go to THAT team. Plus, Trot wanted to stay, and that means something.

      I hate the off days as well: guess I’ll have to talk to the wife tonight! JUST KIDDING.

      I have to force myself to remember that Daisuke is a rookie: a very polished rookie, but still. He’s finding his sea legs in the AL so to speak. Something tells me he never saw a Pronk in Japan!

      Take care,


    2. Ted D says:

      Christine, this thing is possessed! I keep typing my password, and I guess I have to do it 3 times to work.

      HOPEFULLY, this finally goes through:

      I was glad to see the reception Trot got: just shows you can go somewhere else, just don’t go THERE.

      I hate off days as well: guess I’ll have to talk to the wife tonight. JUST JOKING!

      I have to force myself to remember Daisuke is a rookie, a very polished rookie, but still a rookie. He’s finding his way through the AL, and as good as he is this year, he’ll be even better next year. I’m guessing he never saw a Pronk in Japan.

      Take care,


    3. Ted D says:

      I give up. If this somehow gets through, great post, I was glad to see Trot get the reception he deserves, and I now need a drink. 🙂

    4. Kaylee says:

      I am o lloking forward to this series against new york.

    5. Kaylee says:

      okay I meant I am so looking forward to this yankees series.

    6. Ted D says:

      Great: now everyone who reads this will think I’m insane.

      Then again……

    7. Carol says:

      I’m not sure how you would say it in Japanese, but it would probably get lost in the translation lol.

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