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  • May 29th, 2007

    Tale of the Batterymates–Part 1

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:44 pm in Baseball,General,Random Thoughts Comments (3)

    As any blogger knows, trading links with blogs you read and respect is the thing to do–and the blogs on under “Batterymates” to the right are the best of the best–at least I think so…and since its my Blogroll–I guess that matters huh?

    I offer you some of my Batterymates for your blog-reading pleasure–and make sure you tell ’em Christine E. sent you…

    406 Club: Named for Ted Williams’ historic batting average, the 406 Club is one of the better forums out there that discusses Red Sox Baseball–everything from the hottest prospects to the Rumor mill–There is even sections on the “Rest of” major league baseball, as well as other major (and no so major) sports

    A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory: Written by Gere, ARSFIPT is one of the funniest blogs out there–Witty and Irreverent, it’s just the thing Red Sox Fans need to read after a hard day–or a 4 game losing streak. And you will even get excellent artwork of all kinds, courtesy of Gere…

    BaseballNooz: The baseball-only version of MySpace, BaseballNooz is just the place to go when you need lots of Red Sox info–and you need it quickly. You can set up your own profile so that you will see only what you want to see

    Blogging BLOHARDS: The Benevolent Loyal Order of Ancient and Honorable Diehard Red Sox Sufferers (or BLOHARDS as they are known) not only have a fabulous website, but a most excellent blog they began back in 2006. Whether you are looking for tons of humor, or just want to know where all the Sox Fan hang out in NYC, the Blogging Blohards’ site is the place to go…

    Drunken Bleachers Blog : Representing the female faction of Red Sox Nation, Kristin has a very funny, if not slight intoxicated view of the Boston Red Sox–and If you haven’t seen RemDawg’s air guitar–here it is….

    Fenway Nation: In the same vein as Boston Dirt Dogs–only better. And they have a petition to keep Johnny Pesky in the Red Sox Dugout…what more could you ask for?

    Japan Baseball Daily: Everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese basevball–and then some!

    Keep Your Sox On: Written by Robin and Eric, two Red Sox Fan living in Brooklyn, KYSO is chock-full of comedy and the info you need to get any self-respecting Red Sox Fan through a season.

    Laura and the Red Sox: Well written and thought-provoking, Laura is one of my favorite Red Sox Bloggers…

    Random Fandom Red Sox NYC: Hailing from Queens, one of the most interesting and eclectic Red Sox Blogs you will ever read–and you will LOVE the music!

    Red Sox Dad: One of the best blogs there is on the Red Sox. He named his child TROT for heaven’s sake! And take a gander at the comments–first rate entertainment. A real fan’s fan…and a must read…and one of my favorites.

    The rest will follow, probably tomorrow…


    3 Responses to “Tale of the Batterymates–Part 1”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, thanks for the compliment’s: you made a sick man’s day. The comment section sometimes reads like a group of mental patients having therapy, but we have fun.

      They just keep rolling along, huh? This team is special: gonna be alot of fun to watch.

      Thanks again,


    2. Carol says:

      Hi Christine – I concur with you regarding Red Sox Dad, and will have to check out some of the others (Drunken Bleachers sounds like fun)- lol.

    3. Christine E. says:

      Your welcome, Ted..Glad I could contribute to your feeling better….:-)

      And I meant every word–your blog is one of the best out there…

      Good to see you Carol….-)

      How bout them SOX! Whooo Hoo!

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