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  • May 22nd, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Skankees 6:
    Pretty Much Par for the course…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:45 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    While Tim Wakefield did not not have the brilliance he has has in his previous starts, as he struggled through 5 innings, giving six runs on nine hits while walking 5, the offense, once again, could not generate any kind of run support to even make this an interesting game…

    And WHY…T…F is Giambi even allowed to play anymore? He ADMITTED he took steroids, the Skanks are trying to find a way to void his contract, and I would not be the least bit surprised if he was still using SOMETHING untraceable–But there he is, hitting homers against the Sox…There are at least 3 games I can come up with that he beat the Sox but hitting a homer when he was more than likely on the juice–including one that would have prevented the heartbreak that was the 2003 ALCS…he and his disgusting sweatiness needs to go away…NOW…

    Ya know how in years past, when the Skanks would suck at the beginning of the year, and all of Red Sox Nation would get hopeful that this would be the year that the Skanks would finally return to the suckage they used to be during the 80’s? And then 1 or 2 games would turn them around and they would go on a freaking tear and within a month’s time, they are 2.5 games ahead? Every time they win, I think, “Oh Crap, is this the day that all of the sports guys will talk about as the “game that turned the Skanks around?” and now they have won 2 in a row…..I know that the Sox are much more sound than they were last year, and the Skanks have must less sound than they were last year, but I still worry….oooooh boy…

    BUT, as I said last week, if we can take 2 of 3 from this series, I would be very happy…and there is still 9.5 games between us….which is always an occasion to smile…as long as the Sox are on top…

    Timlin progressing: In his continuing saga to get back, Mike Timlin threw a bullpen session of 35 pitches at the stadium before Monday’s game–if all goes well, he will thrown another side session in a couple of days and go from there…

    Hardware for the “other Japanese pitcher”: After seemingly shaking off the few not so wonderful starts, Daisuke seems to have found his groove–and others are noticing as well–He was names the AL Player of the week for the week ending May 20th–during that time he made 2 starts (including 1 complete game) and went 2-0 with a 2.12 and 11 strikeouts…

    And am I the only one who is less than impressed with the overall performance of Julio Lugo? I know that if the Sox were not the best team in baseball right now, leading the AL, more people would be bitching about this. The only thing he does well is steal bases…his fielding is atrocious, and do I even need to mention him coming up in the 8th last night with the bases loaded and a chance to tie the game–or at least get the Sox back into it? I didn’t think so. Not impressed–at all..and Theo spent WAY too much for what he is getting…

    And, based on this weekend’s performance, the role of Rudy Seanez for the 2007 Boston Red Sox will be played by Joel Pineiro–and now I can begin my personal campaign to get rid of him…Like when Jon Lester comes back and gets the 5th spot in the rotation and Julian goes back to the bullpen and we will need to make a place for him there–then maybe can Pineiro go away? Can we get someone working on this, please?

    Tonight: BatSh*t Julian will try to mimic the gem he pitched last Thursday against the Tigers against the Skanks this evening. Moose toes the mound for the Skanks. 1st Pitch 7:05pm

    One Response to “Red Sox 2, Skankees 6:
    Pretty Much Par for the course…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Don’t worry Christine: this Boston team is not like the others. You can see the confidence in them: I’m just getting a bleeding ulcer watching Julian pitch: 4-2 in the 6th right now.

      I think Lugo is pressing, along with Drew, to make an impression. You can see the potential and I really hope that with a 2-4 night he can get comfortable and get on a roll.

      Great job as always:


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