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  • May 16th, 2007

    Red Sox 2, Tigers 7:
    Well, that could have went better…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:27 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    dougles-2002.jpgOK, maybe I was a bit hasty with the “ace” moniker, but based on the way Tim Wakefield has been pitching, I think it’s appropriate–despite no run support, Tim Wakefield goes out in every 5 days and keeps the Sox in the game–it’s not his fault they give him little or no run support. Unfortunately, last night was one of those nights–little run support, Wake was not as sharp as he has been, giving up 2 homers as part of the 9 hits and 5 runs he gave up in his 7+ innings of work. And it always seems to be 1 inning for him–this time it was the 3rd, where he gave up both of the homers….

    OK, who had May 15th in the injury pool? J.D. Drew left the game in the 8th last night after banging into into the bullpen wall trying to catch a homer in the 4th inning. He has what is being called a lower back contusion…Says Mike Lowell of Drew’s attempt to catch: “I think they made the fence a perfect height to ruin your back…It’s not high enough where you can run into, but it’s low enough where you feel you can make a play…I hope he’s all right. It looks like he hit right in the middle of his back. He can’t feel too good.” Oooooh boy…

    Lester sooner, rather that later? Apparently, the cramping bicep was a non-issue, as he is slated to start pitching for Pawtucket as early as this weekend

    Julian Trivia: He has never went to school–neither have his parents–that is completely unfathomable…he also was originally signed as a shortstop..He was called up to the bigs a year before Manny, even tho they started around the same time. He played minor league ball with Sox pitching coach John Farrell….

    Classic: Barry Bonds’ comments regarding Curt Schilling’s comments of last week: “I’m too old for childish activities…I don’t really have any time for that at all….I’ve got children and I’m too old for that stuff.” hmmm….last I checked, CHEATING is a pretty childish activity–wouldn’t you say?

    Tonight: Batsh*t Julian Tavarez and his 6+ ERA take the mound at 7:05pm for game 3 of the series. Mike Maroth (remember when he was a 20 game loser a couple of season ago?–Now he is 3-0–go figure) pitches for the Tigers.

    One Response to “Red Sox 2, Tigers 7:
    Well, that could have went better…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Just got home, turned on NESN, saw Daisuke pitching, and muttered WTF? They were showing his complete game from the other day, so I figured it out: rain. 🙁

      Wake was Wake last night: 7 innings in a losing cause, saving the pen for the remaining games. I wish every player had Wake’s unselfishness in being willing to do whatever is needed.

      That looked extremely painful when JD hit the wall: I was impressed he stayed in until the 8th.

      Great post, and hope you are well.


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