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  • May 14th, 2007

    Red Sox 6, Oreos 5: “Freak things happen, I guess, when things are going good.”

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:34 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Josh Beckett’s quote above says it best…

    I did not get to see most of the game–but I happened to turn it on in the top of the 9th inning–just in time to see that the Sox were down 5-0, a victim of a 3-hitter, and that Josh Beckett, not only was on the receiving end of his 1st lost of the 2077 campaign, but that he left the game in the 4th inning with an “avulsion” aka a BLISTER….oh CRAP…So I sat there and watched a few minutes of the inning, and, since I had things to do around the house, and THIS game was obviously one to forget, I turned off the TV and went on about my business…

    Yeah, obvious bad move on my part–’cause when I go and check the score later in the evening, I am completely STUNNED to read what I am reading–that the Sox came back and scored 6 runs in the 9th inning to beat the Oreos 6-5…WOW…How is it that I always miss THESE games???

    Talk about a horrible managerial move on the part of Oreos coach Sam Perlozzo–pulling his starter Jeremy Guthire, who had held the Sox to 3 hits over 8 1/3 inning for reliever Danys Baez, who, obviously could not get it done… Can anyone tell me where Sam is staying? I would like to send a fruit basket…

    Here is how the bottom of the 9th inning went: Ground out, fielding error, runner on 1st, Double, Single, walk (bases are now loaded, 1 out)walk, walk, double, intentional walk, force out at home (bases still loaded, 2 outs)fielding error scores 2. Final Score: Red Sox 6, Orioles 5.

    Yep, Josh, Freak things happen…

    And if Josh has not been pulled in the 4th, for what he is calling not a blister: “My skin just tore…It’s not like I got a blister under my callus. It’s just one of those deals where you have to wait and see.” He would have probably had a great shot at win #8–in just his 4 innings of work, his dominance continued, only allowing 2 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks, but striking out 7.


    But the amazing thing is that the Sox came back from impossible odds to WIN, and since the Skanks LOST AGAIN–the Sox now enjoy a wonderful 8 game lead in the division…

    And yes, Alex Cora started–and yes the 11-0 record is still intact…

    And I probably should not even say it–but I will–If Beckett has to go down fro a start or two (which is likely) lets hope that Jon Lester is closer to being able to start–he is scheduled for another bullpen session on Wednesday…

    Timlin update–or not: Looks like Mike Timlin won’t be rejoining the Sox anytime soon. Apparently, his shoulder tendonitis that put him on the DL on May 3rd has not not improved as of Friday. He will be reevaluated today, and hopefully there will be some change. But its not looking good…

    Coming up: Daisuke will hopefully continue his turn for the better as he toes the mound at 7:05 pm to welcome the current AL Champions, the Detroit Tigers. (It’s still SO weird to say that…) Nate Robertson will pitch for the Tigers….

    One Response to “Red Sox 6, Oreos 5: “Freak things happen, I guess, when things are going good.””

    1. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: wild game yesterday. This team has a chance to be really special, but for that to happen it’ll need some luck, and it got it yesterday.

      Here’s hoping Beckett is not out long and that Daisuke starts a tough week off right tonight.

      Hope things are good,


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