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  • May 6th, 2007

    Roger Clemens: I would say…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:02 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)


    A few thoughts on the Roger Clemens signing, if I may:

    Why, Why, WHY is this surprising, shocking, saddening,. dismaying to ANYONE? Roger Clemens does not care AT ALL about fans–none, zip, zilch, nada. He does not care about being “‘sentimental” and returning to the Sox, he does not care about “the hometown team” and going back to the Astros, he never cared about “signing loser to home” and going to Toronto , and he certainly never cared about the Skankees!

    Yeah, I am already preparing myself for the snarky comments from the Skankee fans here in NEPA about how Roger is going to a “winner” and “yeah, we got Roger Clemens”

    News Flash Yankees Folks: Just remember how furious yu were when Roger decided to un-retire and join his heterosexual life-part Andy Pettitte in Houston–THIS IS ALL THIS IS..oh, and the 28 MILLION dollars probably made it really easy as well…

    And quite frankly, I am SO relieved he did not sign with the Sox…truly..I think he is a crappy human being, and I am glad he will be no part of the Boston Red Sox…

    On that note, and in honor of the completely shocking (yeah, right…) news that Mercenary Fat Boy Roger Clemens chose to sign with the Skankees for $28 million dollars for the 2007 campaign, I offer this…

     Go Sox!

    2 Responses to “Roger Clemens: I would say…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Great post Christine: him signing just proves that for the most part, ball players go where the money is. I don’t know if Tek or Ortiz would have gotten more somewhere else, but they told their agent they wanted to stay in Boston, and it got done, and for that they will always be 2 of my all-time favorites.

      Here’s to Clemmens going 5-5 with a plus 5 ERA: welcome back to the AL East Roger: it’s not your granpa’s division for sure.

      Be safe,


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