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  • Archive for April, 2007

    Happy Opening Day at Fenway!

    While everyone welcomed baseball back last week, the REAL Opening day for Red Sox Nation happens today–when the Sox return home to the Fens to kick off the 2007 campaign. Whoo Hoo! Some Random stuff:

    Red Sox 3, Rangers 2:
    And the Sox avert the Sweep…

    Well, THAT Is a relief–it’s bad enough that we lost 2 to the semi-crappy Rangers, one in the heartbreaker on Friday afternoon (Isn’t it a TAD early in the season for a heartbreaker? Apparently not.) and one in the 8-4 debacle on Saturday–Julian Tavarez is not nearly as entertaining when he is getting lit up, […]

    Red Sox 7, Royals 1:
    Definitely like the score better this way…

    Before we get all caught up in the brouhaha that is Daisuke’s (I refuse to use the “cutesy spelling of his name–“Dice-K”) start, we need to acknowledge that Josh Beckett as pretty amazing last night. Throwing 94 pitches over 5 innings, he ended up only allowing 1 run on 2 hits, walking 4 and striking […]

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    I have the greatest fiance’-stick in the whole entire world. Not only is he a Red Sox fan (well, he’s not gonna be a Skankee fan, now is he?) but he buys me neat Red Sox Stuff! He got me the excellent Johnny Pesky book “Few and Chosen” for Christmas last year (which I reviewed […]

    Red Sox 1, Royals 7: Opening Day Game Blog…

    4:00pm: It’s DO and RemDawg! Ahhhhhhhh 4:10: 1st Pitch! Red Sox Baseball in 2007 has officially begun! Whoo Hooo! 4:12: Julio Lugo strikes out–at least he ran the count to full while he did it… 4:13: YOUUUUUUUK!! Base hit for Youk! But can we lose that goatee? Very scary–and it take a certain type of […]

    Happy Opening Day!

    In less than 4 hours, The Boston Red Sox will take the field in Kansas City to kick off the 2007 Campaign–and the number that just popped into my head? 102. So that could mean anything–102 wins, 102 homers combined for Manny and Big Papi…Hell, it could mean 102 losses–but the way this team is constructed […]

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