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  • Archive for April, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Toronto 3:
    The Reverse Lock Strikes Again!

    When the match up for yesterday was announced, there was a collective “Ugh” that ran though Red Sox Nation–I heard it….As I said to someone the other day, unless the reverse lock happens, there in no way Wacky Julian Tavarez is going to beat Toronto ace (and really good pitcher) Roy Halladay. NEVER… Well, thanks […]

    Red Sox 1. Toronto, 2:
    W…T…F?, Part 2,496…

    So, once again Daisuke is good enough to win–doing even better than his last game against Seattle. This time he struck out 10 in 6 innings of 105 pitch ball, 68 for strikes, and only gave up 2 runs–But scary-looking Gustavo Chasin only gave up the 1 run on a home run by Wily Mo, […]

    Red Sox 7, Angels 2:
    Does this count as a sweep?

    I know we still have one more game to play to finish out this series–but its not until freaking AUGUST–the world could be over by August, hell, I’ll be MARRIED by August! So I think we can call this a sweep and move on. I have not seen the Angels play this poorly in a […]

    You can’t lose if you don’t play!

    While I do live smack dab in the middle of the Yankeeland, there is still a decent contingent of Red Sox fans–although I would say the breakdown is probably 45% Skankee, 30% Phillies, 15% Red Sox and 10% Anybody Else. Case in point. For nearly 20 years the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons (the Phillies AAA Club) […]

    Red Sox 0, Seattle 3:
    Things that make you go ^(&#^@(&#^@&*#^(

    OK, so maybe JD Drew isn’t all THAT bad–he did save the Sox bacon last night from the indignity of a no hitter with a single hit in the 8th inning…Thankfully it was a quick game: 2:22… I HATE it when the Sox score like a MILLION runs on 1 day, and then the next, […]

    Red Sox 14, Seattle 3:
    Now THAT is the way to kick off Opening Day!

    I have always disliked Jeff Weaver (even before he played for the Skankees) so seeing him get LIT UP, giving up 7 runs on SEVENTY pitches in 2 innings–well that is just icing on the cake. Josh Beckett pitched like a World Series MVP, going 7 innings and throwing 84 pitches, only allowing 2 hits, […]

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