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  • April 28th, 2007

    Red Sox 11, Skankees 4 :
    What IS it about the 4th inning???

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:31 am in Baseball,Red Sox Comments (5)

    Honestly, the 4th inning is becoming Daisuke’s nemesis–remember the weirdo inning where he walked a bunch of people in the 2-1 loss against Toronto last week? That was the 4th inning too…

    So here is how the 4th inning of THIS game played out….walk, walk, walk, single (1st run scores) strikeout, pop out, single (two more runs score) single (4th run scores) and fly out…W…T…F???

    And then the weirdness continues when Pettitte comes out in the 5th and gives it all back! Here is HIS line from he top of the 5th: Flyout, walk, stolen base, single, single (3rd run scores), walk, strikeout, walk (score is tired) wild pitch (5th run scores) walk, flyout…

    And that is not even the weirdest thing: Daisuke comes out to pitch the bottom of the 5th–and has a 1-2-3 inning…and stays in the game to pitch the 6th as well. His final line: 6 innings, throwing 117 pitches (71 for strikes) giving up 4 walks, 5 hits, and 4 runs–while striking out 7…too freaking bizarre for words…

    And Julio Lugo, who made an error a little leaguer would not have made was HOT at the plate going 3 for 4 with 2 walks and 2 RBI’s, including a homer off Scott Proctor in the 6th inning….

    So, the Skanks are 6.5 games behind, in dead last (a 1/2 game behind the 4th places Devil Rays) and at the receiving end of a 0-7 losing streak…Will it last forever, no, but its really nice while it lasts! hahahahahahahahahaha

    And in some even more excellent news…Jon Lester may be joining the Sox very soon! During his 3 month checkup at the Dana Farber Cancer institute he received a clean bill of health: “I just had my three-month checkup and everything came out well … everything was normal…”

    Adn after that piece of good news, he kept the Triple A Buffalo hitters to 3 hits, all singles, over 5 innings of work, pitching for Pawtucket on Friday night, toping out at 96 mph at times. He also struck out 6 and walked none…He has one more start, Tuesday in Indianapolis, and then the Sox will make their decision–but how can it be anything by 5th starter in the rotation?

    Coming up: Tim Wakefield takes the mound against Skankee rookie Jeff Karstens, who gave up 7 runs to the Sox last week, and is the proud owner of a 14.54 ERA…That game is on Fox (yeah….UGH) at 3:55PM…

    5 Responses to “Red Sox 11, Skankees 4 :
    What IS it about the 4th inning???”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, who was it last year who had Twilight zoneish issues with the 4th inning? Snyder? Anyway, I digress. GREAT post and hopefully Timmeh can keep it going.

    2. laura says:

      Oh if only it could have been 8 in a row. I just about died laughing when the Yankee pitcher came out after 2 batters (kinda missed the beginning when he got hit) and figured the game was over. Unfortunately I was way off!

    3. Christine E. says:

      Did Ky Sny had problems in the 4th last year? I don’t remember that–But most days I cannot remember what color shoes I am wearing, unless I look 1st!

      Laura: I missed the beginning of the game, and was all confused when I started watching and I realized the 1st pitcher only pitched to 2 batters–and I was thinking “wow, I know Joe Torre goes to his bull pen WAY too soon, and mismanages the hell out of them–but its a bit early….”LOL

      Thanks for the comments–hope you are well!

    4. michleg says:

      The Yankees Mystique & Aura are sheer nothing, right now, as A-Rod’s in Mid Season, now:
      The Current Yankees are in Mid-Season Form, circa 1965;
      It’s the END of The Run

    5. Christine E. says:

      I agree, Michael, what is Mr. April to do, now that April is over?

      Wouldn’t it be nice if the Skanks resumed their losing ways from years gone by??

      Probably wont last forever–but I am loving it now!

      Hope you are well..Thanks for your comments..:-)

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