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  • April 27th, 2007

    Red Sox 5, Oreos 2 :
    That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:35 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    In my in-game blog during the Friday nite Skankees game, a potentially game-winning situation came up for Wily Mo, which he was unable to capitalize on–But last night, in a similar situation, Wily Mo Pena did what he could not do last Friday–hit his 3rd career Grand Slam to win the game…

    With that grand slam, Josh Beckett’s excellent outing of 8 innings, and giving up 2 runs on 8 hits (5 of which were doubles…) while walking 0 and striking out 3 did not go to waste–and also makes his the 3rd Red Sox pitcher in history to go 5-0 in April. The other 2? Babe Ruth and Pedro…

    Perfect Papelbon: How is this for cool? Last night, Jonathan Papelbon earned his 7th save–in 7 tries—BUT, In 9 career appearances against Baltimore, his record is 2-0 with 6 saves and a ZERO ERA….yes, as in 0.00…

    Doesn’t it seem like they have won more than that? Since the beginning of the 2006 campaign, the Sox have played the Oreos 20 times–and have beaten them 17 of those time for a win percentage of .850…

    Yeah, Daisuke will pitch for the 1st time in the Stadium tonight, but apparently, the BIGGER news is the fact that Matsui is back..and he will face him….whatever…As long as he gets him out, the same as every other Skankee–quickly and efficiently–it’s all good…

    Tonight: Daisuke will face Andy “how many t’s are in my name?” Pettitte at the Stadium, for the beginning of 3 more this weekend. The Skanks are trying to recover from a current 0-6 streak…hahahahahahahahahaha…ahem…..1st pitch is 7:05pm. I would be supremely happy with 2 out of 3–although a sweep would not be unwelcome…

    Go Sox!

    One Response to “Red Sox 5, Oreos 2 :
    That’s the way the cookie crumbles…”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, I am so glad I finally got one right in backing a player who people thought was not as good as advertised: Beckett is looking like Cy Young award material.

      Nice post: you do a great job with using humor to back up your position. I try, but sometimes I can literally hear the cricket’s chirping!

      SWEEP VERSION 2.0?

      A guy can hope, right?


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