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  • April 11th, 2007

    Red Sox 14, Seattle 3:
    Now THAT is the way to kick off Opening Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:34 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comment (1)

    I have always disliked Jeff Weaver (even before he played for the Skankees) so seeing him get LIT UP, giving up 7 runs on SEVENTY pitches in 2 innings–well that is just icing on the cake.

    Josh Beckett pitched like a World Series MVP, going 7 innings and throwing 84 pitches, only allowing 2 hits, while issuing no walks and striking out 8–and 3 of those strike outs were to ICHIRO.

    And, the bat have woken up–Thankfully, with JD Drew hitting the 1st homer at Fenway in 2007 and coming up with 3 RBI’s–also faring well were Julio Lugo with 2, and Youk and ‘Tek (hopefully breaking out of his slump) with 3 hits apiece.

    And to complete the day, what else could there be but a bench clearing? Brendan Donnelly and Jose Guillen started yelling at each other after Brendan struck him out in the 8th–and Guillen got thrown out–then Kenji Johjima came up to bat, and Brendan hit him–and HE got thrown out…But there was no punches thrown, just some cursing from Donnelly..wait that is his native tongue– “truck driver”, bit to be confused with the similar dialect “sailor”…

    As part of the celebration of the 1967 “Impossible Dream” team, 23 of its team members, dressed in period garb, took their rightful places on the grass, as Robert Goulet sang “the Impossible Dream” (which is from Don Quixote, By the way…) This was the 1st time since that Pennant winning magical season that this many of the team were together.

    Well, THAT could have went better: Mike Timlin was activated from the DL, after battling a left oblique strain for most of Spring Training. To free up a spot on the 25-man roster, Javier Lopez, the only one who still has options yet, was sent to Pawtucket. All I can say is: It’s a good thing the Sox scored a TON of runs–because Timlin gave up 2 runs on 2 hits and a walk in his 1 inning of work. He also struck out 1. From Tito” “Well, the idea is, if we get the guy we can rely on, like we have so much, it’s such a bridge to (Papelbon)…Just like Pap made everybody better, Timlin makes everybody better…” Uh, in that whole “Timlin makes everybody better”, I guess that excludes him? Don’t get me wrong, Mike Timlin is one of my favorite players (I even have a game ball signed by him–and Chad Fox…) But he has been less than impressive for a while…

    Yes, J.D. Drew is hitting the cover off the ball, Yes, he has hit in all of the games the Sox have played this year. Yes, he is doing well in Right Field, but this is a giant SHUT UP to the folks who are saying signing him to this $70 million contract is a good idea, and that his “arm seems to be holding up just fine” We are SEVEN games into the season–talk to me about this being a good idea in September, after he has played in 150+ games…IF he plays in 150+ games….

    Lester Update: Continuing his forward march back to the bigs, Jon Lester once again pitched brilliantly for Gabe Kapler and Single A Greenville. He worked 4 scoreless innings, giving up only 3 hits in the 3-0 win, while walking 1 and striking out 5.

    Coming up: Daisuke Matsuzaka will toe the rubber at 7:05pm tonight in his highly touted Fenway Debut–and I will get to see him LIVE this time! Whoooo Hooo! Countering him for the Mariners is Felix Hernandez

    One Response to “Red Sox 14, Seattle 3:
    Now THAT is the way to kick off Opening Day!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, what are the odds we can score 14 on back to back days? 🙂 Hopefully the doomsday crowd will relax a little after that shellacking yesterday. Turns out they can hit after all.

      Have a great time watching the game tonight,


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