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  • April 3rd, 2007

    Happy Birthday to Me!

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:05 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (7)

    I have the greatest fiance’-stick in the whole entire world. Not only is he a Red Sox fan (well, he’s not gonna be a Skankee fan, now is he?) but he buys me neat Red Sox Stuff!

    He got me the excellent Johnny Pesky book “Few and Chosen” for Christmas last year (which I reviewed a while back–you can read it here as well as Bill Simmons book “Now I Can Die in Peace” His kids got me Seth Mnookin’s book for Christmas this year, and RemDawg’s last Christmas.

    But this year’s Birthday presents takes the cake–Check THIS out:ted-williams-doll-40.jpg

    Yes, folks, my very own TED WILLIAMS DOLL!! How cool is that??? It’s got a home plate and some “field” to stand Ted on–and it actually LOOKS like him–which is unusual–dolls of real people don’t usually look like the person. And a funny thing? My fiance’ said that the ONLY 2 dolls they had were Ted, and JOSH BECKETT–how weird is that?

    I also got this: red-sox-2007-book-40.jpg

    The compendium on all things Red Sox for the 2007 Season–The Red Sox Annual…cannot WAIT to dive into this!

    This year also marks the 25th anniversary of my love/hate affair with the Boston Red Sox. 25 years ago this summer, my parents took my sister and I to Fenway Park to see a baseball game. Before this I just hated baseball because all I ever knew was my mom watching the freakin Yankee games and screaming at the TV (and yes, I scream at the TV during Red Sox games–I have become my mother…)

    I remember we sat near the top on the 1st base side–and there were lots of seats empty around us. And from that day on, I was a fan(atic) of the Red Sox…some years I was more into in than others, but I always knew what my team was doing (and always got crap for being a Sox fan in Yankeeland…)

    The Sox have 161 games left to play–think we could win 1 or a hundred?

    7 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

    1. Ted D says:

      Christine, He sounds like a good man! I’ve got to get that Pesky book, as well as Papi’s book later this month: I’ve read the Simmons book at least 7 times: sick, I know.

      The “Easter Bunny” is bringing Rakes and Trot the Beckett “action figure”: around here, there are no dolls unless in my daughters room! And yes, them getting Beckett is a BIG shock I know.

      I hope you have the best birthday you’ve ever had today.

      Happy Birthday Christine!


    2. Kaylee says:


    3. laura says:

      Happy birthday Christine! I wish the Sox could have won and made it a better day, but at least they didn’t actually lose on your birthday. That doll looks awesome, I think you have a real winner there (both the gift and the man)!

    4. Christine E. says:

      Actually my birthday was on Saturday the 31st..and they beat the Phillies on that day, so I will take it…:-)

      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes…:-) Opening Day fell on my Birthday in 2004–which was WAY cool…

      Thanks so much for the comments…and let’s hope Beckett is as good as advertised tomorrow..:-)

      Go Sox!

    5. Eric says:


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    6. Newbury says:

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