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  • April 2nd, 2007

    Happy Opening Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:26 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comments (4)

    In less than 4 hours, The Boston Red Sox will take the field in Kansas City to kick off the 2007 Campaign–and the number that just popped into my head? 102. So that could mean anything–102 wins, 102 homers combined for Manny and Big Papi…Hell, it could mean 102 losses–but the way this team is constructed right now, I don’t think that will be the case…

    I took the afternoon off, so I can enjoy every pitch of the 1st Sox game of the season–I cannot WAIT!

    And a big part of that hope for an amazing season rest on the shoulders of Jonathan Papelbon, who, fortunately, suffered no ill effects of his battle with 1st base in last Thursday’s game.

    Big Papi–Author? On April 17th, “Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits”, co- written by the Boston Herald’s Tony Massarotti, will be released. An FAQ of sorts, this is what Papi has to say about it: “I get asked so many questions all the time that this will tell my story and hopefully answer all of those questions.” Should make for very interesting evening. My only question is: Why Tony Massarotti? He should have written it with Peter Gammons–Now THERE is a Co-Author…

    Alot of the same thing apply to this season, as last season. The Red Sox are starting out playing “lesser” teams (which means little in baseball, I know) but the Skanks are starting out without their ace Chien-Ming Wang, as he is currently on the DL for a hamstring injury. Chances are he will be out until at least May–which means we need to win as many games as possible before he comes back–including the 6 games we play them this month. Yes, its a long season, but possession is 9/10th’s of the law–and I want to win the AL East this year–sick of the Skanks always winning it…

    Looking much better in this outing against one of the Twins’ farm teams, Jon Lester, throwing 58 pitches in 4 shut out innings, only walked 1 and struck out 5. Currently, they are listing Jon as on the DL, not sure why–probably just to buy him some time before they have to do something with him–they have 30 days

    Continuing on this rehab in anticipation for his activation next week, Mike Timlin threw 17 pitches against another Twins farm team. In his 1 inning of work, he gave up a run on 2 hits, and walked 2.

    Jail time for Ugie: convicted of attempted murder in his home country of Venezuela, former Sox Closer Ugueth Urbina was given a 14-year prison sentence. The conviction is the result of Ugie attempting to allegedly set fire to a number of his employee, after finding them in his swimming pool without his permission.

    Today: Coming off what was his best Spring Training with the Sox, Curt Schilling will take the mound in today’s 1ST GAME OF THE SEASON!!Countering for KC Royals is the uber-overpaid Gil (ga) Meche– 1st pitch is 4:10pm

    4 Responses to “Happy Opening Day!”

    1. Ian says:

      I can’t wait. only 3 more hours til the game starts.

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s actually nice to see the games have real meaning other than deciding a roster spot.

      Sox in 2007!!!

    2. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: I can’t wait to get Papi’s book. My bday is in May, so maybe I can tell the kids that whats they need to get me! Good to hear about Lester: I think we’ll need the kid come June/July.

      I’m watching the Jays/Tigers game right now, and I’d just like to say it’s awful nice to see Scheffield in another uniform other than the Yankees. As a Sox fan, HE was the guy I never wanted up in a crucial spot.

      Have a great Opening Day Christine!

    3. Arlen Morgan says:

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    4. Séjour Madagascar says:

      Séjour Madagascar…

      […]Happy Opening Day! » Boston Red Thoughts[…]…

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