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  • Archive for March, 2007

    Red Sox 6, Toronto 9
    Red Sox 9, Boston College 1:
    You win one, you lose one…

    So, I sit down at my computer, Red Sox MasterCard (what other kind of card do you think I would use?) in hand, to buy a month of MLB-TV to watch Daisuke pitch his 1st 2 innings in a Red Sox uniform–and MLB.TV is not available because it’s not a “real” Spring Training Game. (Talk […]

    Red Sox 11, Northeastern 0
    Red Sox 1, Toronto 4

    Our record to date: a win, a loss, and a draw..would rather be 3-0, but at least we are not 0-3… The loss: Kason Gabbard had the start and gave up a hot and run in his 2 innings of work, Devern Hansack (yes, the pitcher who has the no-no in the last game of the […]

    The 1st game of the year ends in a Tie???

    What is this, the All Star game? After 10 innings of play, the Sox and Twin played to a stalemate of 4–due in large part to the 3-run homer Julian Tavarez gave up to Twins catching phenom Joe Mauer in the 5th. Curt Schilling looked good in his 1st outing, despite all the drama surrounding […]

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