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  • Archive for March, 2007

    Red Sox 1, Mets 4:
    Am I the only one?

    Who feels that this whole Spring Training thing has gone on long enough? There has been a little more than 3 weeks of baseball games that don’t count, with the Sox holding a less than impressive 7-9-1 record.I probably should be grateful there IS actually baseball–too bad only about ONE in 5 games is not […]

    Red Sox 0, Toronto 1:
    Will Kyle be one of the 25?

    I really like the pitcher formerly known as the Kansas City Cast-off–Kyle Snyder…He just pitches with so much heart–and his success in Spring Training continued with 3 scoreless innings of 2-hit ball. Giving up 2 walks, but striking out 2, Kyle threw 47 pitches, 27 for strikes. Marshmallows for everyone!

    Red Sox 7, Yankees 5:
    Even if it doesn’t count…

    A win is a win against the Skankees–and we’ll take it. And while it was not the prettiest of wins (Wake gave up 4 runs on 8 hits, while striking out one) JD Drew had his 1st homer in a Red Sox uniform in the 6th, Mirabelli fared well with 2 RBIs and Youk and […]

    Red Sox 3, Oreos 5:
    3 Weeks today! 3 Weeks today!

    In 21 days, at 4:10pm, Red Sox Nation will all sit down to watch the 1st game of the season–and it will not come soon enough…whooo hooo! It was bound to happen–Daisuke had a decidedly human day–and his 1st loss in a Red Sox uniform–with a throwing error and 2 home runs. The whole line for […]

    Red Sox 9, Mets 5:
    Do you think they could maybe play at a time other than 1:05PM?

    Ya know….some of us need to work everyday, so we do not have the luxury of watching/listening to games that fall during the work day…so I miss another great game–one ending with a GRAND SLAM no less… and who the hell is Ed Rogers, by the way??? That would be 6 shutout and 7 strike […]

    Red Sox 6, Twins 1:
    About time we beat the Twins…

    Which is kind of ironic–because they have yet to win a game in Spring training, the closest they came is the TIE that has last week with the Sox. Their record? 0-4-1–The Sox? 1-3-1–one word–UGH… Some good things in the game: Curt Schilling pitched 3 1/3 allowing only 1 run on a homer to Michael […]

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