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  • March 30th, 2007

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 3:
    What is this nonsense about Johnny Pesky???

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:33 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Johnny Pesky, a member of baseball freaking ROYALTY, and one of the nicest human beings I have ever had the opportunity to meet, has been shafted AGAIN, by major league baseball…

    Back in 2004, one of the teams (I think it might have been Tampa Bay) complained to MLB that Johnny was in the dugout, and he was evicted back then, which is why he was not there when the Sox won the World Series. 2005 found him back in the dugout–and nothing has been said–until now…MLB has has a rule on its books that only a certain people are allowed in the dugout during a game–and all of a sudden, they are going to start enforcing this rule–AGAIN.

    The rule states that only the players, manager, and six coaches can be in uniform and in the dugout. Before bench coaches, it used to be only five coaches. The trainer is also allowed on the bench, and it is understood that the equipment manager and an assistant trainer would be going back and forth to the clubhouse, so their presence is accepted. But others are not allowed

    Remember, Johnny has only been back in the dugout since the new ownership came in 2002–In 1997, crappy human being Dan Duquette told Johnny he could not wear the uniform with the Sox. .”We’ve been breaking the rule all along,” Theo said yesterday, “and they told us they were going to strictly enforce it — heavy fines that progressively get heavier every day he’s in the dugout.”

    While Johnny can no longer sit on the bench during games, he is allowed to be in uniform before games, and on the field and in the clubhouse, but must leave the dugout before first pitch….

    Bogus Crap…But if the Sox get to the World Series, I will personally start a fund to freaking PAY the fines the Sox will get to keep him in the dugout during those games–cause Johnny Pesky being in the dugout for the World Series NEEDS to happen…

    So, exactly WHY do the Sox play the Twins FIVE times in Spring Training? To vie for the Mayor Cup, naturally. And for the 1st time since 2004, the Sox have brought it back to city of Palms Park on Wednesday with their 5-4 victory–making the Sox record 3-1-1 for the 2007 Grapefruit Season. And if it feels like the Minnesota always wins it–that is not so far from the truth: in the 15 springs the Sox have been in Fort Meyers, the Twins have claimed the cup 10 times…

    Terry Francona, that witty guy: Apparently, Eric Hinske caught the ball for the final out Wednesday’s game, but the ball’s location was unknown in the moments after the win. quipped Tito: “Mientkiewicz probably has it.”

    I know people are excited about Daisuke, but was it really necessary to DIG UP 2 of the pitching rubbers at City of Palms Park to commemorate his Spring Training???

    Ankle rolls: Holy Buckets! The season is still 3 days away (3 days! 3 days!) and already my blood pressure is going. In the 9th inning of the TIE game against the Devil Rays, Newly re-anointed closer Jonathan Papelbon slipped while covering the bag at 1st. Fortunately, he was fine–as evidenced by his pitching line: 1 inning, 3 batters faced–2 strikeouts…”Basically, I just went over to cover first, and I just got ahead of myself too much and had to kind of just catch the bag behind me,” said Papelbon. “Once I put my weight on it, it just gave on me. But I’m alright. A little bit of pain, but I just rolled my ankle, basically…” WHY they had him pitching a tie game in Spring Training is beyond me….

    Speaking of ties–The Tampa Bay game was the FOURTH for the Sox as they finished their Grapefruit League Schedule with a 13-12-4 record, including a losing one at “home”: 6-7-2.

    Speaking of injuries: The only injured member of the Red Sox, Mike Timlin, is progressing well in his rehab of the left oblique strain that has been plaguing him for most of the Spring. The timetable for his return to the bigs is scheduled for April 10, when the Sox return home to play Seattle. Before that, Timlin will pitch 2 games at the minor league complex in Florida, and then 2 for Pawtucket.

    Congratulations Nomar! Nomar is officially a DAD–as wife Mia Hamm gave birth to twins on Tuesday night–but there is no “Ted Garciaparra” in the cards–At least for the moment–they were twin girls…both healthy and over 5 lbs.

    Coming up: The Sox are in my home state of PA, playing the Phillies in 2 exhibition games. Julian Tavarez gets the start for the Sox tonight–1st pitch is 7:05pm, with Daisuke facing them in tomorrow’s contest…

    Did I mention there is only 3 days left???

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 3:
    What is this nonsense about Johnny Pesky???”

    1. Ted D says:


      Great minds must think alike: I posted about Mr. Pesky tonight too. The people running MLB must all be brain dead. The fact they actually make money is a miracle unto itself.

      I hope you are good, and life is treating you well.


    2. laura says:

      I think the Pesky thing is stupid, too. Who is it hurting to have that beloved man in the dugout? Oh yeah, nobody. Incredibly poor taste to kick him out, but that’s MLB, I guess.

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