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  • March 27th, 2007

    Red Sox 0, Reds 5:

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:35 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (10)

    And if Opening Day does not get here soon, I may not be responsible for my actions–I swear this off-season was 3 years long…

    Lucky Dice: Throwing 104 pitches, only 50 for strikes, Daisuke pitched 5 innings of no-hit ball…striking out 6, but walking FIVE…Not the stellar performance he has against the Pirates, but no one got a hit, so he must be doing something right. But you know, if he was not happy with the performance last week, he certainly was not happy with yesterday: “…I’m not happy with the content of my pitching today. I threw a lot of walks and wasted pitches, and it was tough on my fielders to defend and to get in a good rhythm on defense. It’s something I want to pay attention to in the regular season.” His line for the Spring Training thus far is: 11 2/3 innings, with 1 hit, 1 run, and striking out 13. He also has an excellent 2.04 ERA.

    All I keep saying to myself is: 15-16 wins, under 4 ERA for the 2007 campaign…anything else is GRAVY…

    Jonathan Papelbon was back in the closing groove in the 9th, with a 1-2-3 inning. In his work to change back to a closer, he has been working on his mechanics, specifically his arm slot.

    Unfortunately, Craig Hansen did not fare so well, as he gave up all 5 runs the Reds scored–in 2/3 of an inning, driving his ERA to 15.43. He also hit 2, walked 2, and struck out 2. And we were hoping he would step up and be closer? UGH….looks like there is time in the minors in Hansen’s future…I really hope he is not turning into a complete headcase…

    Stretching out: Julian Tavarez pitched a AA game yesterday, going 5 innings and throwing 65 pitches. He fared pretty well, only giving up 1 run (unearned) and 2 hits, while walking 2 and striking out 1.

    Jon Lester struggles continued in his 1 1/3 innings of work in a Pawtucket game–he gave up 3 hits and 3 runs in . He also walked 2 and struck out 1…

    Great breaking news:  Kyle Snyder (aka Ky Sny) has made the 25 man roster…whooo hooo!  Marshmallows for everyone!

    Ya know, I read Coco’s little interview yesterday, and quite frankly, I found it rather distasteful–while I can understand how he cannot allow fans feelings to color his play and the like, I think such statements as “I don’t really care what the people think about me…” or “…I don’t care if people think I suck, or they think I’m good. I just go out there and have fun…” are more than a bit snarky–and I not super happy with him…

    Can we file this under: W…T…F…?? Mark Loretta, the Sox stellar 2nd baseman from last year, who was wrongly released so that Dustin Pedroia could play 2nd base will be a UTILITY PLAYER for the Astros?? How sucky is THAT? He deserves better…

    Today: With no more “away games on their Grapefruit League Schedule for the season, the Sox stay at home today to play the Pirates again at 1:05 pm. Tim Wakfield will get the start…

    10 Responses to “Red Sox 0, Reds 5:

    1. Kaylee says:

      Did you see Craig Hansen pitch yesterday? I agree,he was terrible.He needed to go to AAA after that performance.I did like the way Daisuke pitched though:)

    2. laura says:

      Oh, that Hansen. It’s like the more I build him up, the worse he does. He needs to fix that because it’s sort of embarrassing!

    3. Ted D says:

      Christine, if you and I can make the next 6 days, we’ll be home free. I’ve got a really busy work week since last Friday and it won’t end until Sunday. What’s keeping me going is next Monday! I was happy to see Snyder made the cut, at least for now. I guess Timlin and Lester start on the DL.

      Take care,


    4. Christine E. says:

      Kayle: How do you see the games in AZ, on MLB.tv? 5 more days and my direct Tv Package will kicjk in…whooo hooo!

      Laura: I think he will be ok someday–I tihnkn they freaked him all out last year, so he needs to chill a bit….Didn’t that happen before, where you like a player, and the Sox trade him? LOL

      Ted: I am in the midst of a horribly busy week too, so I am kind of distracted, but my 1st day off from that is Monday–adn I am taking some vacation time so I can be home for 1st picth–how lame am I?

      Hope you are all well..Thanks for the comments!

      Go Sox!

    5. Kaylee says:

      yeah thats how I get it:)

    6. Ted D says:

      Christine, not lame at all. I’m taking the afternoon off that day: been stuck in the hell known as Furniture Market since last Friday and don’t get done until Sunday: you can count on the fact I’ll be in front of the tv on Monday!

      Hope the rest of your week goes well, and I’m sure we’ll be “talking” sometime!


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