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  • March 21st, 2007

    Red Sox 6, Twins 5 :
    By the Skin of Our Teeth…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:21 am in Baseball,Red Sox Comments (3)

    So, did the ghost of Rudy Seanez come onto the mound and take over the body of Josh Beckett? What else could explain the complete 180 that Beckett did between out 14 and 15?

    Innings 1-4: One hit ball (a single), while striking out 5

    Inning 5: In this order: 2 Strikeouts, 2 doubles, 3 singles and a strikeout…and 4 runs had scored.

    Also of note: He threw almost as many pitches in the 5th inning (30) than he did combined in the 1st 4 innings of the game (50). How does it just go so wrong so fast?

    Thankfully, the Red Sox Bats provides some oomph, including a homer by Mike Lowell, a 2 run single for Big Papi and contributions from JD Drew, Youk, and Julio Lugo. Thanks to a good bullpen only giving up 1 more run, including a good outing in the 9th by closer du jour Joel Pineiro, getting his 1st save of Spring Training, we managed to hold on to the win…

    So I guess this means the Sox won the Mayor’s Cup for the 1st time in like a thousand years? And have improved our record to almost the 500 mark: 9-9-1…

    In a move that surprises no one, Mike Timlin will begin the 2007 season on the DL, with an estimated activation date around the 1st home game of the season. Even with the delayed debut, Timlin will still be on pace to make about 65 appearances this year, which is significant, but lower than previous years (68 in 2006, and 81 in 2005)…With Timlin out of the mix for the time being, the person most likely to take his place–Julian Tavarez…Don’t know if that is a good thing, or a bad thing…

    With the number racing towards 25, 3 more players we cut from the Spring Training Roster, taking the number to 38: Despite his excellent spring, Kason Gabbard will begin the season in the minors. Also cut were Joe McEwing and Bobby Scales who will decide if they want to stick with the Sox and accept assignments to Pawtucket.

    And did anyone else think the interview with Manny in the Globe was horribly awful to read? Every time he was asked a question, you hear yet another permutation of: “There’s no problem…I ain’t got no problem with anybody. You don’t have to believe me, but I’m telling you what I’m doing.” Yep, AWFUL… Although I did like his response to why he stays quiet: “Why do people want to know what I think?…You guys don’t need my opinion. Who cares?” If he continues to hit 35+ and drive 100+, do we really care what his opinion is???

    Apparently many have tried–and none have succeeded–to change Julio Lugos’ throwing motion in an attempt to decrease the number of errors the shortstop has in a season. Every place he played, the coaching staff/management has a different idea–and the Sox are no different. Said Tito: “He’s spent a lot of time defensively working with [1st base coach Luis Alicea] on getting his feet set, moving his feet, following his throws,…I think the last week, 10 days, you see an improving shortstop, which is good.” I guess it remains to be seen if can do it without thinking about it, or will he revert to his old ways…

    Today: Tim Wakefield will start the 1st 5 innings and Jonathan Papelbon will start the final 4 in the game against the Phillies–Start time–YEP…1:05

    Also starting today, on the minor league level is Jon Lester, who is scheduled to pitch 3.

    3 Responses to “Red Sox 6, Twins 5 :
    By the Skin of Our Teeth…”

    1. Ian says:

      It was kinda strange to see him just lose it like that. He did say that the off day on monday may have contributed to him getting tired.

    2. Ted D says:

      Hi Christine: I did not see Beckett pitch, but read about it. As you know, I am very high on him (big shock huh?) and I’m not to worried. I wonder if he was working on something in particular that last inning he pitched. He showed though that he can be DOMINANT at times. He’s young: eventually, he’ll get it.

      Ah, Manny being Manny: the season is ALMOST here.

      Hope you are good,


    3. Christine E. says:


      Thanks for your comments, and Ian, welcome..:-)

      I dont know what was up with Beckett in that inning–its just WEIRD–if it happened when the inning started, that woudl be one thing, but he was crusing along–and the wheels just fell right off…

      Hope you are well!

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