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  • March 13th, 2007

    Red Sox 7, Yankees 5:
    Even if it doesn’t count…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:30 am in Baseball,Red Sox Comment (1)

    A win is a win against the Skankees–and we’ll take it. And while it was not the prettiest of wins (Wake gave up 4 runs on 8 hits, while striking out one) JD Drew had his 1st homer in a Red Sox uniform in the 6th, Mirabelli fared well with 2 RBIs and Youk and Mike Lowell each went 2 for 3. And I bet the Skanks are thrilled that none of Pavano’s limbs or digits came flying off during his start in the game…

    Thankfully, the “fun” wont start this year until April 20th in Boston–in 2005, while it was fun to have them at Fenway when the Sox got their rings and all–it was too damn early in the season–you don’t even have time to get back into the baseball swing before we have to get all crazy intense…Actually, 2006 was better, since we did not face them until the 1st week of May–more time to acclimate and get the juices flowing….

    Of course, Matsui came with the Skanks, so there was lots of bowing and handshakes and smiles and photo opportunities between him and Marcia and Jan…..er…Daisuke and Okajima…And I know we got the “translation” of what was said between the 3, but…do you think Matsui offered to show them his extensive porn collection? hmmm…

    While Wake got the start against the Skanks, Jonathan Paplebon stayed home and threw a simulated game of 4 innings and 62 pitches (42 for strikes) with the minor league players in camp. Focusing on his off-speed pitches, as he will need more than a fast ball to be a starter (Right, Josh?), Jonathan is working towards being able to pitch deeper into games, and being able to get hitters out with any of his arsenal.

    And then there were…47? As the regular season is quickly approaching, the Sox continue to pare down their roster, ultimately getting it to the 25 men who will go to Boston for April 2. The latest cuts include sending Abe Alvarez, Dusty Brown and Kerry Robinson to minor league camp, optioning pitcher Kyle Jackson to AA Portland, and sending Rule 5 Draft pitcher Nick DeBarr back from whence he came–the Tampa Day Devil Rays, who accepted him back gladly.

    Today: The traveling Red Sox give the nod to Kyle Snyder when they play Toronto–and GUESS what time the game is?? Yep….1:05pm…

    One Response to “Red Sox 7, Yankees 5:
    Even if it doesn’t count…”

    1. michleg says:

      It might not count, but it sure feels good, as it keeps Yankees Fans at bay for the night.

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