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  • March 2nd, 2007

    Red Sox 11, Northeastern 0
    Red Sox 1, Toronto 4

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:11 am in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Our record to date: a win, a loss, and a draw..would rather be 3-0, but at least we are not 0-3…

    The loss: Kason Gabbard had the start and gave up a hot and run in his 2 innings of work, Devern Hansack (yes, the pitcher who has the no-no in the last game of the season-even if it wasn’t a complete game…) who pitched the next 1 2/3 innings, gave up a 2-run homer to Aaron Hill, plus three hits, but also struck out 3…

    The win: And what a win it was–Beckett was dominant in his 2 innings of work, allowing 1 hit (the 1st man up) and then retiring 6 batters in a row, including 5 strikeouts…and the best part about it? He threw off-speed pitches, in addition to his ever-present fast ball…

    He says he knows he cannot live by fast ball alone–and it seems that he is actually walking the talk: “There’s lessons in each start…the thing that stands out to me is you’ve got to throw the (off-speed) pitches.” If he can get out of his own way, locate his fast ball, and use his off-speed pitches more often–I think we will see a 20 game winner this year….

    The ONLY way I am going to see this is plunk down $14.95 to buy MLB.TV–Daisuke make his major league debut…for 2 innings….in a exhibition game…that doesn’t even count in the Grapefruit League standings, as it’s against Boston College…But it’s the 1st time we get to see him pitch–Let’s see if he is as good as his press…One big question will be how things go between he and Jason Varitek–will they be able to communicate effectively? Will he take Josh Beckett’s advice and “Trust ‘Tek”? Holy Buckets! I cannot WAIT to see him pitch!

    Only 4 days after his arrival, Manny will get his 1st start in the afternoon game today vs Toronto. Manny has previously said he was ready when he arrived at Spring Training, but Tito decided to hold off, and probably would have waited longer, except for the fact that the Sox are playing 5 games in 3 days: “You know what, I was sitting there doing the lineups yesterday getting dizzy, and I had a question mark by his name..Rather than guess, I walked out and said, ‘Hey, Papi, Friday?’ He said, ‘Yeah I’m fine.’ I just didn’t want to get him out there before he’s ready…” Knowing Manny he will either hit a home run in his 1st at bat–or strike out 3 times…

    Gabe Update: As we all know, Gabe Kapler, beloved Red Sox utility player, shocked everyone by retiring from pro ball at 31, and accepting the job as Manager of the Class A Greenville Drive. While he will certainly be missed on the bench by the Sox and the Nation alike, he seems to be getting into the swing of things with regard to being a manager: “It’s been phenomenal and very rewarding…The early returns suggest that this is just what I was hoping for. [I] wakeup every day with the mind-set that I’m going to find somebody to help make better.” His biggest challenge to date is that he does not want to come off as too excited, so there are fewer surprises down the road–like when games begin. If Gabe is devoted to this as he was to playing for the Sox (and all indications seem to point that way…)These players are very VERY lucky…

    Coming Up: Today: The Red Sox are “home” for both games today–Kyle Snyder will get the ball for the 12:35 game vs Toronto, who will counter with that strange looking man with the funny goggles, Gustavo Chacin.

    THEN, the event we have all been waiting MONTHS for: 6:05pm vs Boston College: Daisuke Matsuzaka makes his 1st start for the Sox…whoo hoo!

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 11, Northeastern 0
    Red Sox 1, Toronto 4”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Great to see Beckett pitch well:-) I hate asthma!

    2. Ted D says:


      Well, I hope you found a way to watch Matsuzaka. He gave up a leadoff double, then got a nubber in front of Tek and 2 K’s to get out of it. All in all, he struck out 3, threw 23 pitches, 18 for strikes I believe. Looked like he threw about 5 different pitches, but sadly, no gyroball.

      Baby Trot is doing a lot better, thanks. Back to raising a ruckus.

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