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  • Archive for March, 2007

    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 3:
    What is this nonsense about Johnny Pesky???

    Johnny Pesky, a member of baseball freaking ROYALTY, and one of the nicest human beings I have ever had the opportunity to meet, has been shafted AGAIN, by major league baseball… Back in 2004, one of the teams (I think it might have been Tampa Bay) complained to MLB that Johnny was in the dugout, […]

    Red Sox 0, Reds 5:

    And if Opening Day does not get here soon, I may not be responsible for my actions–I swear this off-season was 3 years long… Lucky Dice: Throwing 104 pitches, only 50 for strikes, Daisuke pitched 5 innings of no-hit ball…striking out 6, but walking FIVE…Not the stellar performance he has against the Pirates, but no […]

    Red Sox 3, Oreos 2:
    8 more days…

    Pitching for the 1st time against a AL East foe (such as they are) Curt Schilling, despite not being super thrilled with his work, put in a solid 7 innings worth of work on Friday night. Throwing 85 pitches, with 6 strike outs and no walks, the Oreos only managed 6 hits and 2 runs […]

    Red Sox 7, Pirates 3:
    1 Brilliant…1 Not so much…

    Daisuke certainly rebounded from his less than stellar performance in this last start to limit the Pirates to 1 hit over 5 2/3 innings, including getting 11 batters out in order. Throwing 92 pitches, with 61 for strikes, Daisuke hit one (the 1st batter of the game) walked 1 and struck out 7. To a […]

    Red Sox 6, Twins 5 :
    By the Skin of Our Teeth…

    So, did the ghost of Rudy Seanez come onto the mound and take over the body of Josh Beckett? What else could explain the complete 180 that Beckett did between out 14 and 15?

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 1:
    14 Days…

    Looks like Mike Timlin has finally made some progress in his on-going battle with left oblique strain, as he has played catch 2 days in a row, most recently on Saturday. Looks like the next step with be long toss, probably Tuesday. Friday was the 1st time he had thrown since March 7. In an […]

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