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  • Archive for February, 2007

    8 More Days on the 8th….

    The closest I ever came to a fantasy league was a computerized baseball league an ex-boyfriend had–you played electronic games with a team within in your league, until one emerged victorious–my team consisted of all goddesses and gods from mythology and literature (Inanna was one hell of a pitcher…) It was fun for a while… […]

    9 Days to go…

    And you would think there would be more news that there is..I have been searching for something to write about for DAYS… Congrats to Peyton Manning and the Colts–I have long felt that the Colts were the Red Sox of Football, so I am glad Peyton and his crew were finally able to get it […]

    Random Thoughts to Begin the Month…

    Welcome Back Lester: Jon Lester, taking a slow for a while after his 6 chemotherapy treatments to drive his anaplastic large-cell lymphoma into remission, arrived in camp yesterday, two weeks before the official start date of pitchers and catchers: February 16. After losing 10-15 lbs (and his hair) during his treatment, his hair is growing […]

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