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  • Archive for February, 2007

    Happy Pitchers and Catchers!

    I thought this day would NEVER arrive! Whoo Hoo! Though if this snow keeps up (and they are looking at another big storm next week) they may be playing in drifts when they arrive in Boston in April!

    The Day Before Spring Training..

    Whooo Hoo! Hard to believe baseball will start tomorrow, as we dig ourselves out of tons of snow and ice–with negative wind chills…Feels like it will never be warm again…J.D. Drew screws us again: It’s bad enough that the Sox are overpaying for this guy–then he steals Trot’s number, instead of waiting a suitable morning […]

    Most Beloved Sox–Part 2

    Before I get to the remaining players in my beloved team, I just have one comment… Johnny Damon betrays a nation, and his number is not used for a year (Daisuke now has it..) But TROT, who was never anything but a stellar member of the Sox, 15 minutes after he is out the door, […]

    Happy Truck Day!

    In just a few minutes, The “Official” start of the 2007 campaign kicks off–The Truck leaves Fenway to start its journey to Fort Meyers, delivering all the equipment in time for the pitchers and catchers who are reporting this Friday–THIS FRIDAY! Whooo Hooo! Let the games begin! The Boston Globe/Boston Dirt Dogs, in honor of […]

    A Rant, A Truck and DO…Can it get any better?

    Yes, if Opening day was tomorrow….but alas, it’s still 5.5 days to Spring Training–but we’ll take it…  In yet another desperate ploy to get people to get people to throw away money on a “Red Sox Nation” Membership card–Apparently someone will be elected “president” of the Nation this year. Whoever is president will get a […]

    One Week Today!

    Whooo Hoo! In 7 Days, the festivities will officially begin when the pitchers and catchers to Fort Meyers to kick off the Boston Red Sox 2007 Campaign…surprisingly, there is still very little to talk about–I mean, how many times can we rehash the fact that the bullpen, while stocked with alot of arms, is still […]

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