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  • February 27th, 2007

    Is is the earliest he has ever been late??

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:19 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Only Many Ramirez could show up 6 days late for Spring Training, and be praised for showing up 3 days earlier than his originally stated date of March 1…But after the 2nd grade antics of some of the reporters, I would not be surprised if he NEVER talks to the media again. C’mon folks, questions like: “Manny is 34 now. Do you think it’s time for him to be more accountable instead of being babied like a 12-year-old?” and “Do you think since he’s your meal ticket, you should try to help him grow up?” THIS is a professional way to conduct yourselves? You sound like a bunch of spoiled rotten SNOTS who are not getting their way, so you have decided to get all nasty…WOW….Astounding….

    I am not going to get into all of the particulars about Manny and who he talked to and what he was wearing and who said what to who–I don’t care that much–I am not condoning Manny’s behavior–far from it–What I am doing is moving on to something more interesting…like…

    Baseball TOMORROW, anyone?

    Wednesday night, 7:00pm at City of Palms Park, the Red Sox will kick off the start of the Grapefruit League’s season when they play the Twins. Curt Schilling will get the start (if you can call pitching the 1st 2 innings a start….) Others slated to appear include, Julian Tavarez, Joel Pineiro, Manny Delcarmen and Brendan Donnelly.

    Cranky Curt: Apparently, Curt feels that members of the Red Sox Organization have been trying to “motivate” him by feeding quotes to the media with regard to his weight and off-season conditioning schedule…While making it clear he did not feel the comments were coming from Tito or Theo, he did feel SOMEONE is trying to get their point across. “I just know that this is one of those organizations that there will be things said in the paper from a writer that you know didn’t come from the writer that came from somebody here that wanted to get a message to a player without telling him themselves.” Uh, Curt, I don’t think the media needs anyone to tell them that you arrived in camp looking less fit that before–they can sort of see for themselves–not sure why you think the media folks could not come up with this on on their own….they may act like whiny 2nd graders, but they are not BLIND….

    Back Pain–for everyone! Mike Timlin’s spring debut for tomorrow’s game is to be put on hold for a couple of days, after he suffered from a oblique spasm on Sunday. Tito does not expect Timlin to miss too much time, as the spasm is already starting to loosen. And Timlin I can understand, he will be 41 in March, but Craig Hansen? What is his 11 or 12? But he managed to hurt his back doing squats working out last week–yeah, the same guy who worked out and bulked up in the off-season…It’s ironic..athletes are supposed to be is this primo top shape (in theory) but they manage to get hurt–ALOT…

    Start your engines: The “starters” for the next few days: Josh Beckett vs Northeastern and Kason Gabbard vs the Blue Jays on Thursday; Kyle Snyder vs the Blue Jays and Daisuke vs Boston College on Friday; and Tim Wakefield against the Phillies on Saturday.

    Speaking of Josh: While Daisuke seems to be getting all the love these days, someone is moving under the radar: Josh Becket, who has consistently been amazing during his sessions. Some comments from Tito on his last outing…”I watched Beckett today and actually would use the word phenomenal –threw fastballs down; they exploded through the zone…” I wish he would work on some other pitches besides his fastball….

    Baseball..tomorrow…I cannot believe the season is almost here…Should be getting the bill any day from Direct TV, letting me know my “MLB Extra Innings” package has been renewed for 2007–whooo hooo!

    One Response to “Is is the earliest he has ever been late??”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Thanks for the recovery wishes:)I am so ready for that game tommorrow night:)

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