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  • February 22nd, 2007

    What’s next? The Dog ate my homework???

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:42 am in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Ya know……It’s bad enough that Manny is not at Spring Training with the rest of his team, as he is home because nursing his mother after surgery–and THAT would be understandable, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has trotted the “my mother’s ill” excuse out about 52 times in the last 3-4 years to get him a couple extra day off at the all-star break, or a late arrival at Spring training, etc etc. But now, there are radio ads playing in Philadelphia that are advertising that Manny will appear at a classic car auction in Atlantic City–THIS SATURDAY…So let me get this straight–he cannot leave his mother to travel ONE HOUR to Fort Meyers to go to work, but he can fly up to New Jersey to play with cars???? On what planet is this ok? And the kicker is that apparently he has been planning to go to the car show for quite some time–which leads me to believe that he never has any intention of showing up for Spring Training on-time–regardless of his mother’s condition…

    And what about this piece o’ cheese from Theo? “Manny’s going to be here ready to go March 1…he’s got a family situation. I think the important thing from our perspective at this point is when he does show up on March 1, he’s ready to go and is accountable to his teammates, accountable to the organization.”

    When exactly has Manny every been accountable for anything??? He bailed on the team last year when they needed him most, and it’s not even the 1st time he did that! Remember the game vs Phila in 2003 when he was supposedly too sick to bat off the bench, when Trot came in and hit the Grand Slam? And do we even need to rehash the Enrique Wilson dinner with Manny, although Manny was “too sick” to play in the Red Sox-Skankee series? The list goes on and on and on…I understand he is one of the best hitters in the game–and yes, I understand he offers protection to Big Papi that few other hitters can–But when is enough, enough???

    Do we need to check for pods in the basement? Stupid Dan is alot of things–but player advocate??? His article today is on J.D. Drew and is chock full of “he’s not a bad guy” and “why not give him a chance?” If it wasn’t for the fact that he threw a dig at Manny in his article, I would have thought he lost his mind completely? Are we looking at a kinder, gentler, CHB? I don’t care about kinder, gentler, how about smarter, a little less bias, and more accurate?

    Speaking of J.D. Drew–Apparently he and Curt Schilling have a history–When Curt was with the Phillies and J.D. chose to go to Cardinals instead of the Phillies, Curt practically incited a riot, by encouraging the fans to boo J.D. when the teams played…Well, they booed him all right–they also threw stuff at him, like batteries, and rolls of toilet paper…Forgive me if I seem dim, by why on earth would someone throw BATTERIES at someone? I am assuming these would be dead batteries, becasue live batteries are expensive–and that would be a huge waste. Is there some hidden meaning in throwing batteries that I am unaware of? That’s like the moron who threw his cell phone at Carl Everett a couple of years ago–so, buddy, what were you thinking? Did you think they would just return you the phone after you whacked someone in the head with it? I just don’t understand…

    But then again, there are alot of things people do I don’t understand–and not just in baseball..

    39 days! Whooo Hoo!

    2 Responses to “What’s next? The Dog ate my homework???”

    1. Kaylee says:

      LOts of athletes are stupuid and like to start “RIOTS” on the field or off:) AS FOR MANNY THAT IS CRAP either his mother is not sick and that is just his excuse to go to the show or not.IF his mother is really sick I would hope he would have enough sense not to fly to NEW JERSEy but this is manny we are talking about!!!!!!!

    2. Christine E. says:

      I know, Kaylee, I just wish someone stood up to Manny–he has already quit on the team before…Ya know?

      Hope you are feeling better!

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