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  • February 17th, 2007

    This is the COOLEST Thing Ever!

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:18 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comments (2)

    tek-foulke.jpgSpecial thanks to Kaylee for finding this…

    Check it out for yourself here (I’m Jason Varitek)…and here is another one: Are you a True Red Sox Fan?

    Some random thoughts to go with the tests: In a fairly surprising move, Keith Foulke announced his retirement yesterday. Said Foulke in a statement: “While preparing for the 2007 season, my body has not responded as it has in years past…I feel strongly I will not be able to perform at the level where I need to be to help the Indians this season…”

    While Foulke retiring this late in the offseason must be frustrating for Cleveland, at least Keith did it the classy way: If he had shown up for camp and then retired, the Indians would have been required to honor the 1-year, $5 million contract they signed with him in January. Since he retired before reporting, it frees up that money to be used elsewhere… Probably a BIG factor in his decision not to play was that, despite a clean physical when he signed with the club in January, Foulke has had elbow sorness, which he reported to the Indians when he told them of his retirement this week.

    Lots of luck to you Keith–as far as I am concerned, YOU were the MVP of the 2004 World Series…

    Speaking of pitchers with attitudes: Apparently, Josh “No relation to Samuel” Beckett is getting a bit of an adjustment to his “hotheaded-I-know-best” attitude. Speaking Friday at Spring training, he talked about a 3 hours lunch he had with new pitching coach John Farrell (“We just sat there and talked…I like a lot of his ideas, and I think he’s going to be a big help.”) As well as mentioning that he needs to trust Jason Varitek a bit more (duh!) His advice to newcomer Daisuke was to “Trust Tek”. So maybe the young’un is starting to grow up a bit…and since he is seeming so open to suggestions, here is one: A flat fastball doesn’t fool anyone…

    The latest thing on Mercencary Roger is that he is putting his odds of returning at 20%–is this the lest attempt to get people to call him and be all like “ooohhh Roger, your WONDERFUL, please come back…..” Spare me…the game will be a better place without him…

    Working ferverlish to remain arbitration hearing-free, the Sox came to terms with Wily Mo for 1-Year $ 1.875 million contract…a $150,000 bump from what the Sox were offering ($1.725 million) and $325,000 less than what he was asking–it took them until the 11th hour to broker this deal? Why?

    3 more days until everyone else reports–will Manny be among them???

    2 Responses to “This is the COOLEST Thing Ever!”

    1. Christine E. says:

      And ANOTHER Thank you to Kaylee for catching the fact that the comment box was missing! Thanks Kaylee!

      Go Sox!

    2. Kaylee says:

      No problem at least i can comment now. I dont get roger anymore. that quiz you put up I got a sooxaholic. It is so true though. I am. Even without Rudy. LOL. good for keith. he needed to retire!

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