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  • February 16th, 2007

    Happy Pitchers and Catchers!

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:18 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    I thought this day would NEVER arrive! Whoo Hoo! Though if this snow keeps up (and they are looking at another big storm next week) they may be playing in drifts when they arrive in Boston in April!

    Showing an amazing grasp of English in the short time he has been with the Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka had his 1st press conference yesterday, and it looks like he charmed and wowed the crowd of about 150 folks from many media outlets, including a giant contingent from the Japanese media. Speaking on such topics as wish to learn the knuckler from Tim Wakefield (“If I can keep my form and still pitch a knuckleball, it will be very advantageous for me.”) to the dealing with the enormous pressure of a $103 million dollar contract (” “I have received a lot of expectations all my life…most important thing for me is to play ball and have fun…By doing so, I will meet everybody’s expectations.”

    I SO cannot wait to see this guy pitch!

    I think the Japanese are stiff competition for Red Sox Nation, in terms of their focus and obsession with their baseball players/team. Remember how the Japanese press was and still is with Ichiro and Matsui? They make us look like rank amateurs…

    With “The Truck” arriving at City of Palms Park about 2:00pm on Valentine’s Day, the job of unloading begins immediately. And its a TON of stuff–everything it will take to run he Red Sox from Florida. from Copiers to uniforms, bats to golf clubs. The only thing that is not on the truck is the 12,000 DOZEN (that is 144,00 is you are playing at home) baseballs the Sox will go through during spring training–they are shipped ahead separately.. The biggest deal about loading and unloading? “Hopefully, everything gets there and nothing gets broken.” And of course, like any move, there is always more crap when you leave, than when you came–The Sox need TWO trucks to lug everything back to Boston…

    Yeah, great, so exciting…3 months after the deal was supposed to be completed, the Sox FINALLY completed the $70 million, 5-year contract with J.D. Drew Apparently the sticking point was the new language that requires Drew to play at least 500 games from 2007-10 or 375 from 2008-10, or $9 million of his 2011 salary would be deferred at 1 percent interest. He would then get payments between $500,000 and $1 Million, beginning in 2022 and ending in 2030. And this is good thing? What happened to the option to void his contract, did that change?

    What’s $475,000 between friends? Apparently alot, because that is the number that is stopping Wily Mo from being signed for the 2007 campaign–He wants $2.2 million, the Sox want to pay him $1.725 million. The 1st arbitration meeting under the Theo Epstein regime will commence today to hash it out…

    Next Big Thing: All other players must report by Tuesday the 20th!

    And 6 weeks until Opening Day!!!

    One Response to “Happy Pitchers and Catchers!”

    1. Kaylee says:

      i cant wait to see DAISUKE PITCH EITHER:)

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