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  • February 15th, 2007

    The Day Before Spring Training..

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:20 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Whooo Hoo! Hard to believe baseball will start tomorrow, as we dig ourselves out of tons of snow and ice–with negative wind chills…Feels like it will never be warm again…J.D. Drew screws us again: It’s bad enough that the Sox are overpaying for this guy–then he steals Trot’s number, instead of waiting a suitable morning period (hell, they waited a YEAR to re-issue Skeezy Bastard’s…)But now, to make room for him on the 40 man roster, they put Lenny DiNardo on waivers–and what happens when someone 1/2 decent is put on waivers? Someone claims them…and that is exactly what happened. The Oakland A’s claimed him off waivers yesterday…

    From where its WARM and SUNNY: About a third (21) of 59 players who will be in camp for Spring training have already arrived, including a good number of pitchers–we already know about Lester and Papelbon and Daisuke..Some other familiar faces: Manny Delcarmen, David Pauley, Javier “don’t call me JV” Lopez, and Kason Gabbard, to name a few…While position players are not required until early next week, pitchers and catchers must be in camp by tomorrow, then its physicals on Saturday, and the first official workout on Sunday.

    Also on tap was Craig Hansen who mentioned that his goals are to be with the team in Boston–even if its not as its closer. “I can see that as an opportunity, but I’m basically going out there trying to win any role, whether it be middle relief, long relief, closer, set up…If I had the choice I would like to close but that’s basically not in my hands.” Hansen almost mentions that he considered the fact that the Sox were looking to
    trade him for Todd Helton as a compliment….While I can completely understand why we does not want to go to Pawtucket after experiencing life in the bigs, but the BEST thing for him and the team would be for him to work out his stuff in Pawtucket–he will more than likely end up with the Sox at some point in the year, and he is only 23 years old–it’s better he take the time now and break any bad habits before they get too ingrained that to rush and then he is wrecked in 5 years….

    Pushing some buttons: Apparently, the fact that if the Skanks don’t sign Mariano Rivera before the beginning of the season, he will become a free agent, wasn’t working to Rivera’s satisfaction–he had to add this: When asked if he would consider offers from other teams: “Everybody has the same shot,” Rivera said yesterday in Tampa. “The Yankees will not have an advantage.” and when he was asked specifically about the Sox (you knew THAT was coming…) he said “You never know.” OK people who are starting to salivate about Rivera in a Sox uniform–STOP…unless he totally SUCKS, do you really think the Skanks will let him get away…and c’mon, do you REALLY want him? That would be like wanting JETER…I don’t even have the words to express how revolting that is…


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