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  • February 12th, 2007

    Happy Truck Day!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:54 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox No Comments

    In just a few minutes, The “Official” start of the 2007 campaign kicks off–The Truck leaves Fenway to start its journey to Fort Meyers, delivering all the equipment in time for the pitchers and catchers who are reporting this Friday–THIS FRIDAY! Whooo Hooo! Let the games begin!

    The Boston Globe/Boston Dirt Dogs, in honor of Valentines Day, having been holding daily surveys for “Most Beloved” Red Sox at each position, from a pool of players from the Impossible Dream Team to today….Here are the 1st 1/2 of MY answers:

    Catcher: The choices given were Fisk, Geddy, Pena, or Varitek: Oh HELL, Carlton Fisk has been my all-time favorite catcher since I was a kid–I LOVE(D) Carlton Fisk–but ‘Tek is the rock, the man who holds the pitching staff together–who helped the Sox to win a WORLD SERIES…very tough choice…but I am going to have to go with……Carlton Fisk–’cause he is CARLTON FISK…

    1st Base: Mo, Esasky, Perez, Quintana, Dauber, Boomer, Millar, Buckner: This is another “Oh Hell” but for a different kind of reason…Mo Vaughn–I was never super fond of him, and while I liked Dauber, his nickname from me was “if you get a hit here, I will stop saying you suck”. Millar, while a fun guy, he does that Gary Sheffield waving thing with his bat, and his production (not mention his glove) left something to be desired. And Buckner? Yes, I forgive him for 1986–but I really cannot forget…and the others…eh….so my choice is…None of the above: I go with Kevin Youkilis–he makes amazing plays at 1st base, he is a good citizen, very good bat–he is everything we could hope for out of a 1st baseman…isn’t that the epitome of beloved?

    2nd Base: Andrews, Remy, Barrett, Bellhorn, Reed: While Jerry Remy is uber beloved by Red Sox Nation–I think it more for his persona and colorful on-air commentary, than it is for his playing–which, for me, leaves Mark Bellhorn–Part of the 04 legacy, walk-machine, hit some great clutch homers, beautiful smile, went about his business, very good 2nd baseman–I always believed in Mark, even when people told me I was crazy…

    Shortstop: Petrocelli, Burleson, Valentin, Nomar and the OC: Rico Petrocelli was another one of my favorites growing up, and the OC was uber cool, made unreal plays at short, and had all of those really cool handshakes–But there is NO contest–it is, and always will be Nomar–and even though he broke my heart by marrying…HER….there will never be another Nomar–the whole batting ritual, the fantastic plays at short, that amazing smile–the sheer love of the game, I could go on and on…

    3rd Base: Boggs, Hobson, Mueller, Lansford: As far as I am concerned, Wade Boggs rates up there with Johnny Damon–he is a traitor. While a compelling argument can be made with Butch Hobson–I have to go with Bill Mueller, whom I liked the moments he set foot on Nation soil. When he and Shea Hillenbrand were fighting for 3rd base, the questions was always–“how can you not let this guy play everyday???” And let us not forget the 1st person in MLB history to every hit Grand Slams from both sides of the plate–in the same game! Great member of the nation, Spectacular in the hot corner, the only downside was the whole uncomfortable,”My talents come from my personal savior…” disclaimer he made before every interview…

    DH (Other than Big Papi): Jefferson, Easler, Baylor, Canseco, Cooper: CANSECO? Are you freaking KIDDING me? He isn’t worthy to be in the same breath as ANY of the DH’s listed below…the ‘roid-headed loser…and I think this question is unfair–what is this “other than Big Papi” nonsense? A way to create “drama”? Whatever–bottom line is: Big Papi is the most beloved DH–who cares about anyone else?

    Four…..more…..days…I cannot wait!

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