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  • February 10th, 2007

    A Rant, A Truck and DO…Can it get any better?

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:43 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Yes, if Opening day was tomorrow….but alas, it’s still 5.5 days to Spring Training–but we’ll take it… 

    In yet another desperate ploy to get people to get people to throw away money on a “Red Sox Nation” Membership card–Apparently someone will be elected “president” of the Nation this year. Whoever is president will get a Blog on redsox.com and some tickets…

    For the 2nd time in as many days I ask: W……T……F? This whole having to PAY to be a “member” of Red Sox Nation really frosts my bananas. How can anyone tell ME that, unless I pony up the dough, I am not a Sox fan??? To Wit: 

    • I watch almost every game
    • I deal with the endless abuse at the hands of the annoying and not too bright Skankee fans that are EVERYWHERE in Northeastern PA. 
    • My heart bleeds with every loss. 
    • I scream and yell at my television set during every game 
    • I have a personalized space in line at the Tobin Bridge 
    • Would not wear a pink hat if it KILLED me…
    • If I ever have a daughter I want to name her Fenway (my future husband is oh so thrilled about THAT…)
    • I freaking HATE Derek Jeter…

    So, exactly what, if I am not a member of Red Sox Nation, am I??? Larry Lucchino says: “Chapters of Red Sox Nation flourish around the nation and throughout the world. This program is intended to be the unifying voice and vehicle.” 

    I don’t need to pay YOU, Larry to be unified with anyone…and I cannot WAIT to see the results of THESE elections…

    2 days to Truck Day! Whoo Hoo! It’s almost officially spring training! The Sox have confirmed that “The Truck” carrying all of the gear the almost 1500 miles to Spring Training in Fort Meyers will be leaving Fenway this Monday around 1:00pm. 

    OT for DO: In a move that should not come as a shock to anyone, beloved NESN play-by-play guy Don Orsillo has agreed to a multi year contract. The 2 time New England Emmy award winner, and Massachusetts Sportscaster of the Year in 2005, DO joined NESN in 2001. Holy buckets! Could you imagine some of the DREK that is out their calling Sox games….thankfully that will not happen in the near to distance future…

    On RedSox.com, 9 “intriguing” questions we asked and answered. Since some of them are a rehash of earlier stuff, I chose 3–and will offer my opinion… 

    1. Does Craig Hansen need more time in the Minors?  Absolutely. Hanson was drafted as a 1st round player in 2005, and began appearing in games by the end of that season:  a 21 year old, with no experience other than college ball, in the middle of a pennant race, the year after the Sox win the World Series…for the Boston Red Sox and their millions of crazy unforgiving and rabid fans.  I would say we are damn lucky this guy isn’t somewhere curled up in a ball, drooling and talking to himself…sort of how we all were in 2004, when the Sox played those 4 fateful games against the Skankees…. Craig needs to be able to step back and just PITCH, and not have to worry about everything else.  And at Pawtucket he will be able to learn how to stay within himself, so that when he gets the call in August, September, and (Goddess willing,) October, he will be ready to dominate…There is an amazing pitcher there–we have all seen flashes of it, but if you push too hard for too long–we’ll have another head case–and if we wanted another one, we could have just kept Derek Lowe… 

    2. Will the real Coco Crisp step forward? I think we are going to see a very different Coco this summer.  I know we have been questioning some of Theo moves as of late (JD Drew anyone?) but there HAD to be a reason they decided to let Skeezy Bastard go, and sign Coco–and the reason is this:  He can hit the snot out of the ball, which is what he was doing before he broke his finger 4 games into the 2006 campaign, and then he was never the same–he hit some and he stole some, but there was always something lacking–but I guess TONS of pain can be a huge-ass distraction… I think we should call 2006 a mulligan and see what happens this year–and if he sucks, I’ll eat my Johnny Damon shirt… 

    3. Will the Captain regain his groove? Besides Papi’s heart scares, THIS was the biggest shock to me last year–I always thought of ‘Tek as completely invulnerable–the whole broken elbow on the freakin on-deck circle was a FLUKE…and knowing how hard he works out in the off-season, and that the iron will (don’t you feel sometimes he Just WILLS things to happen?) and hell, he entrance music is SUPERMAN…how could he only hit 12 homers and bat .238???  He is coming up on his 35th birthday in April, which is around the time catchers break down (watching he squat for 3 hours makes MY thighs ache). Taking a leap of faith, I think ‘Tek will do better than last year. Maybe .265 with 16-18 homers–but he won’t hit the numbers he has in previous years….and I really REALLY hope I am wrong…and he hits .295 with 25…

    But we have to PLAY to find these things out–so any time now…

    2 Responses to “A Rant, A Truck and DO…Can it get any better?”

    1. Kaylee says:

      I agree some of the things they make you pay for are really stupid but,They all about the cash.

      As for the questions great answers I agree with them.

      I am so ready for baseball.BRING IT ON!

      I am so happy for DON ORSILLO I love to hear his voice calling the games.

    2. laura says:

      I think Fenway is a fantastic name for a child! I can’t understand why anyone would have a problem with that, it’s totally perfect.

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