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  • February 9th, 2007

    One Week Today!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:26 am in Baseball,General,Old Friends Comments (4)

    Whooo Hoo! In 7 Days, the festivities will officially begin when the pitchers and catchers to Fort Meyers to kick off the Boston Red Sox 2007 Campaign…surprisingly, there is still very little to talk about–I mean, how many times can we rehash the fact that the bullpen, while stocked with alot of arms, is still in a state of flux, and we are in need of a closer?

    Who had February 8th in the pool?: My god, is there anyone that has worse luck than Ken Griffey Jr.? In an accident at his home, the left hander broke his throwing arm. After 3 weeks in a hard cast, he will then be re-evaluated, and a path forward will be decided upon. At least it was early enough that it should not impact the season. What’s is next? I dare not say anything, even in jest, with the kind of crap that happens to this man–It is interesting to consider where he would be if he had not been plagued by all the injuries he has had over the years…

    And I was hoping we could get him back someday, but I guess not: 29 year old Bronson Arroyo signed a 2-year extension worth an additional $25 million and will keep him with the Reds until 2010. The team also holds an option for the 2011 season. Although….we all know how that goes, as Bronson signed a 4 year deal with the Sox last year–and was then promptly traded. “Last year in the beginning of the season, I was still watching a lot of Sox games and I was kind of still caught up in the middle emotionally about being traded. I’m a Red through and through now.”Almost universally considered the pitcher Theo should have never traded, Arroyo pitched a league-high 240 innings in 35 starts and 14-11, with a 3.29 ERA. While I think Wily Mo was a good thing (or will be, once he gets his time in…) Couldn’t they have traded someone else? Like maybe Matt Clement?

    More BS..in a loooooong line of BS…Let’s face it–ticket scalping at Fenway is a PLAGUE…countless articles have been written about this–people complain, The Red Sox say they are trying to combat the problem, the city of Boston says its trying to combat the problem, the state of Massachusetts says they are trying to combat the problem…How is that working out for you fellas???

    Case in point: On February 24, Red Sox Fans who have signed up to be part of a Random Drawing will have the opportunity to purchase the mucho coveted (and ridiculously expensive) Green Monster seats–well, GUESS WHAT… Stub Hub, a popular website for selling and reselling tickets already has tickets, including a pair for the opening Day game vs the Mariners–for THIRTEEN times the face value of $140: $1890.00 EACH…that is near FOUR THOUSAND dollars for the pair, for those of you playing at home….and that is not even the most expensive–a seat for the Sox/Skankee game on April 20 is $2,000…


    While, Sean Pate, a spokesman for Stub Hub, acknowledges that the people selling Green Monster tickets on his company’s website don’t have them yet, “A lot of large sellers on the site have ways of filling orders,” he said in an e-mail. “If they aren’t reliable, then they get banned from selling.” Ok, so people who have season tickets could promise their seats to the re-sellers, even if they don’t have them yet, that makes sense..but HOW can they guarantee they will get Monster seats, when over 300,000 fans signed up to be part of the random drawing, and the list is reviewed for scalpers and ticket agencies? I guess there are people out there who will be willing to resell their tickets if they win…

    And the State’s antiscalping law? It (supposedly) limits ticket resale markups to $2 above face value plus various service charges. Yeah, ok….a friend of mine bought $24 bleacher seats a couple of years ago–for $70…and the potential “solution” is even better: One pending bill would allow resellers to sell tickets for three times face value.

    And just how uncomfortable Matsuzaka makes opposing hitters will provide the ultimate answer to one of the biggest questions in baseball in 2007.

    Bud Selig will treat Barry Bonds’ quest for the home run record the same as any other quest for a record–whoo hoo….and everyone cares about this why? Personally, I hope Barry goes into a 6 month slump and gets nowhere neat the mark of 755, held by Hank Aaron (he is currently 22 away) OR, he gets indicted for his alleged perjury for his Grand Jury testimony in 2003, which will then activate the clause in his contract which allows the Giants to terminate…

    Maybe tomorrow there will actually be some Red Sox new to write about–something more than “Will Daisuke be effective for the Sox–or not?”

    4 Responses to “One Week Today!”

    1. diamondcutter says:

      I agree about what a shame it is Griffey has had such bad luck with injuries. He would have gone down as one of the greatest of all time if he could have just stayed healthy.

      We really need spring training to start as its becoming more and more difficult to find stuff to write about!!!

      Go Sox!!!

    2. Peter says:

      Now it’s 6 days! Enjoy our team’s romp through the season….P

    3. Peter says:

      I so hope…I wish we could enjoy this together! Take care…Peter…and Diamond, that’s a huge if…but he WAS talented. And of course I mean Mr. Griffey…

    4. Angeles Ronsini says:

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