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  • February 8th, 2007

    8 More Days on the 8th….

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:53 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    The closest I ever came to a fantasy league was a computerized baseball league an ex-boyfriend had–you played electronic games with a team within in your league, until one emerged victorious–my team consisted of all goddesses and gods from mythology and literature (Inanna was one hell of a pitcher…) It was fun for a while…

    Of course, this is much different than the “standard” fantasy sports teams/leagues/etc. Not entirely sure what the appeal is, but I know a ton of people (all guys, come to think of it) who spend hours and hours and HOURS pouring over stats, having drafts and the like, trying to assemble the perfect team that will allow them bragging rights (among other things..) until it starts all over the next season…so if you are into that, and are looking for some Sox players worth their weight–here are some suggestions (courtesy of MLB.com) with my 2 cents thrown in…

    David Ortiz | 1B/DH | $32: This is so way obvious…The canonization process should be starting any day now–I mean it….

    Manny Ramirez | OF | $29: With a couple of caveats, and every one of them has to do with “Manny being Manny” –Will he show up on or around the 20th? If he shows up, will he play? If he shows up and plays will be do his best?

    Daisuke Matsuzaka | SP | $20: While everyone is convinced he will be dominant (an more importantly, stay dominant) right of out of the gate–I am more cautious–It took Josh Beckett a year to acclimate to a difference league (hopefully). What is it going to be trying to acclimate to a whole different CULTURE, not to mention pitching a longer season, and more often?

    Curt Schilling | SP | $18: Curt is still one of the best–and let’s face it, has fared much better in the American League that his former counterpart, The Big Unit (who is RUNNING back to the NL…) And the reason his contract for the 2008 campaign is not signed, sealed and delivered yet is WHY???

    Jonathan Papelbon | SP | $15: While he was completely and utterly lights out as a closer for the Sox last year, due to potential shoulder woes, Papelbon will go to the starting rotation, where we can only hope he will be as effective. BUT, its is not a forgone conclusion…

    Coco Crisp | OF | $14: After a season with a bum finger (having broke it the 1st week of the 2006 campaign) it is very possible he will rebound completely and being the Center Fielder the Sox wanted when they passed on Skeezy Bastard and signed Coco…Maybe this year when we say “Coco’s better”, we’ll actually have some fact to base it on…

    Josh Beckett | SP | $14: While there were no blisters last year, and he threw 200+ innings for the 1st time in his career, there are still a number of question marks surrounding Josh “No relation to Samuel” Beckett: Was last year a fluke, and adjustment to the America League? Can he actually control his stubbornness enough to actually LISTEN to Jason Varitek? Will he stop giving up so many home runs? Will he learn that trying to just blast a pitch past a hitter (especially if he has no movement on the pitch) is not going to work in most cases?

    Still perplexed as to why Jorge Posada (top 10) has a higher fantasy value than Jason Varitek (13) amongst catchers–everyone KNOWS ‘Tek is better–as a catcher, and a human being…

    There is a 1st time for everything: It was noted a few weeks ago that Theo has never let arbitration actually get to the hearing stage since he took the helm 5 years ago–but tomorrow, the Sox and Wily Mo will sit down with an arbiter and hash out a number for Wily Mo’s 2007 contract…

    3 Responses to “8 More Days on the 8th….”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Can’t wait til the 15Th I am really excited about this team!!!:)Wily Mo shall get paid I am a believer in him:)Hey maybe those people dont know TEK is better than JORGE but he is!

    2. laura says:

      I had a fantasy football team once that I ignored all season and finished in second place. I thought I was lucky so I tried it again the next season and followed it relatively closely, and ended up dead last. Fantasy football sucks!

    3. Christine E. says:

      I used to play this computer football game with the same ex who had the baseball teams, and I would call plays for him, based on how they looked to me (and I know VERY little about football) and he would WIN….it was the weirdest thing…

      Wily Mo will definitely be back, Kaylee, it’s just a matter of saving a couple dollars..:-) Glad you are feeling better!

      Can the season please start NOW?

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