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  • February 7th, 2007

    9 Days to go…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:23 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    And you would think there would be more news that there is..I have been searching for something to write about for DAYS…

    Congrats to Peyton Manning and the Colts–I have long felt that the Colts were the Red Sox of Football, so I am glad Peyton and his crew were finally able to get it done–of course they got some help from the Bears, which never hurts the chances for victory…

    18 players, most of which we may never see at the Show, are non-roster invitees to Spring Training 2007. Most recognizable names are Abe Alvarez, Bryan Corey, and Runelvys “how the heck do you pronounce his name” Hernandez…

    Terry Francona held a press conference yesterday at the Fens, where he spoke about overcoming the obstacles of language and culture with Daisuke (duh…) and the fact that its a “long shot” that Papelbon will return to closing (another duh)

    More than likely, if they are desperate enough, later in the season, I think we will see Papelbon close–but its not going to be in April. The Sox will explore all of the options in the bullpen, most notably, Timlin, Tavarez (which kicked some serious ass in the Dominican Winter League) and newcomers Brendan Donnelly and Joel Pineiro, and see if any of them stick Craig Hansen will probably figure into the mix as well–if he can get his head on straight and learn to deal with the pressure more effectively.

    Apparently, the missing Matt Clement will be joining everyone at Spring Training, but is on a throwing schedule of his own (he has not even started to throw yet) He is not expected to be able to pitch until at least the All-Star break, but with the severity of the damage repaired, I don’t expect to see him pitch again in a Sox uniform.

    When Tito was asked about Jon Lester, he mentioned that he and pitching coach John Farrell will be sitting down with Jon to plan a course of action, despite Jon’s desire to jump back in…”We don’t want to hold him back…baseball players aren’t the best self-evaluators.”, said Tito.

    If there is a classier and wittier man in baseball, I don’t know who it is: Tito mentioned that when he called Mike Lowell to clear the air about the scuttlebutt with regard to the now dead Todd Helton trade talks–he answered the phone ” Now hitting sixth for the Rockies…” Isn’t he the coolest, or what? I am so glad we did not trade him…

    It’s a bird! Its a plane! Its Captain Disingenuous!: Apparently A-Rod has an opt-out clause in his contract, which, if he so chooses, he can activate at the end of this season, leave the Skanks and become a free agent–just like JD Drew did to the Dodgers…If he stays, he is due $24 million a season, for the final 3 years, although the Rangers are still stupidly paying 1/3+ of it…

    But A-Fraud is saying he is happy in New York–yeah, ok…check out this: “My burden has always been the same since I was 18,” he said. “The only reason I play the game is to win a world championship. That hasn’t changed. From year to year it hasn’t changed.”

    Burden? Can we say pathetic?

    In all the brouhaha with Matsuzaka and JD Drew and the like–the whole “Will Manny Show up this year–literally and figuratively” is a question most people have forgotten about…Tito seems to think he will show up on the 20th, the day position players are to report, with the 1st team workout on the 22nd…”I think he’s OK,” Tito said. “He’s talked to Pookie (Jackson, assistant equipment manager) and the clubhouse guys recently and I don’t think there are any problems.” Manny’s agents are saying nothing at this point–I guess it will be a wait and see…

    Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too much longer

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