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  • Archive for February, 2007

    Happy 1st Spring Training Game Day!

    In just a few short hours (at 7:05pm) the 1st game of the 2007 will begin–it does not count, and you probably won’t see any starters after the 4th or 5th inning–but it will be BASEBALL! 9 innings, 27 outs, with hitters and pitchers and fielders, and a score! We’ll take it. Wow–I cannot believe […]

    Is is the earliest he has ever been late??

    Only Many Ramirez could show up 6 days late for Spring Training, and be praised for showing up 3 days earlier than his originally stated date of March 1…But after the 2nd grade antics of some of the reporters, I would not be surprised if he NEVER talks to the media again. C’mon folks, questions […]

    Not the most brilliant decision ever made…

    While I am certainly not surprised the Red Sox decided to hold off on re-signing Curt Schilling to a 1-year. $13 million dollar contract, I just think it’s a very bad idea…Yes, I do understand the motivation behind the decision: he’s older, and he is looking more like El Guapo than himself these days (not […]

    What’s next? The Dog ate my homework???

    Ya know……It’s bad enough that Manny is not at Spring Training with the rest of his team, as he is home because nursing his mother after surgery–and THAT would be understandable, if it wasn’t for the fact that he has trotted the “my mother’s ill” excuse out about 52 times in the last 3-4 years […]

    One More Day Until the Rest of the Sox Report…

    That is, except for Manny, if Julian Tavarez is to be believed….Tavarez was talking to Dan Roche in a TV interview Sunday night and mentioned that Manny’s mom requires surgery of some kind, which will prevent Manny form not reporting until next Thursday, March 1–a full 9 days after the mandatory reporting day of March […]

    This is the COOLEST Thing Ever!

    Special thanks to Kaylee for finding this… Check it out for yourself here (I’m Jason Varitek)…and here is another one: Are you a True Red Sox Fan? Some random thoughts to go with the tests: In a fairly surprising move, Keith Foulke announced his retirement yesterday. Said Foulke in a statement: “While preparing for the […]

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