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  • Archive for January, 2007

    Around the Bases…

    Boomer coming back?: David Well may not be done after all–The Padres has made an offer to try to entice him to forgo retirement for another year. If he does stay with the team, he will join Greg Maddux (also part of the greatest…commercial…ever…) in a rotation that is older than most…and people complained that […]

    Arbitration: and the Players Who Love It…

    Arbitration is a funny duck–the basics are this: the Player submits a number, based on what he thinks he is worth (which is usually more than realistic) and then the Team submits a number THEY think the player is worth (which is usually less than realistic) and then an arbiter decides–unless the player and the […]

    Back to the same old, same old…NUTHIN…

    With 78 days until April 2, and 32 days to Spring Training, one would think that there would at least be SOMETHING to write about….well, guess what, there is precious little Red Sox News….At 39.5 days and counting, the JD Drew saga is creeping closer and closer to biblical proportions..with no end in sight. Satan […]

    Can always count on an Awards Dinner….

    To bring news of the Red Sox–Two days in a row! Be still my heart…. Stuff from the Boston chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner and awards ceremony held last night: With Jonathan Papelbon in town to receive the Best Reliever, Fireman of the Year and Rookie of the Year Awards at […]

    Like finding an oasis in the desert…

    Finally! Some Red Sox News! Rookie pitcher Craig Hansen, who struggled mightly when he was with the Sox last season, joins pitchers Kason Gabbard, Clay Buchholz, Edgar Martinez, David Pauley and various position players in the Red Sox Rookies Development Program, which helps minor league players who are withing an 18 month time frame with […]

    Will there ever be any Red Sox news again?

    Wow…It sure doesn’t FEEL like it! Every day I troll through all the Baseball sites I visit, looking for something other than “The JD Drew contract will be signed by the end of the week”–and that that was nearly two weeks ago, or “Roger Clemens will be going to the Red Sox–guaranteed”, or “Now that […]

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