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  • January 26th, 2007

    Seven Weeks!

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:17 am in Old Friends,Red Sox,Signings and Trades Comments (3)

    That is how long it took for the Sox to work out the “minor language issues” with J.D. Drew and his agent, Lou-Cipher…Apparently the protection the Sox were looking for has been agreed to– the ability to void the contract’s final 2 years if his right shoulder fails in the 3rd year. If aninjury occurs in the 4th year, the 5th year can become void. The 1st two years are a guaranteed $14 million per year.

    While I think this is better than just throwing $70 million guaranteed at him, I am still way concerned–what if his arm falls off during Spring Training this year and can never play again? Then the Sox are on the hook for $28 million…what if he is Jell-O wrestling some Friday night and his arm falls off? He gets it ALL–$70 million dollars, cause the contract only covers “baseball related” activities…ooooooh boy…

     BUT…IF he manages to stay healthy, he is the legitimate #5 hitter we did not have last year…His numbers with the Dodgers in 2006 were 34 double, 6 triples, 20 homers and 100 RBI’s…Still and all, I am just not super thrilled with this signing…the Sox are paying SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS to someone who is not that much of an upgrade from Trot…WHY???

    In his column today, Stupid Dan gave props to Kathryn Nixon who was devoted to many charities during Trot’s 8 years with the Sox, including running the Boston Marathon for the Jimmy Fund.

    And here is a neat bit of trivia: When David McCarty was on the DL in 2004, he spent a night as Wally the Green Monster…

    Sushi at Fenway: How cool would THAT be? As part of the changes in the menu at Fenway, in honor of Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, and as a response to requests from fans for “healthier food” (It’s BASEBALL–the food is not SUPPOSED to be healthy–I think that might even be a law…) And all of this discussion prompted the absolutely LAMEST quote I have ever heard in my entire life: “You will find a lot more Americans who say `I want to get in synch with Matsuzaka and have his food’…” said Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College economist and top sports business expert. Are you KIDDING me? I eat sushi or any other food because I LOVE the food, not to “get in synch” to with anyone…I don’t care if Big Papi eats eggs with ketchup 3 times a day, there is no way in hell I am eating eggs with ketchup, even if it means I won’t “get in synch” with him…LAME-O…..

    21 days…

    3 Responses to “Seven Weeks!”

    1. Kaylee says:

      I love sushi:) as for drew i am glad they finaly signed him:)

    2. laura says:

      I’m glad, too. Now we can focus on other things, like the food at Fenway! Seriously, that quote really was dumb..what is eating Japanese food going to do for Matsuzaka? Actually, he might feel honored that they’re serving sushi because of him, but I doubt if a fan runs up to him and tells him they ate sushi that day, he’ll be like, “Well then! Please, come to my house and let’s chat!”

    3. Christine E. says:

      You crack me up, Laura…and your right–do marketing people really think that people are that dumb? (Probably shouldn’t asnwer that…;-)

      Yes, I am glad the JD Drew thing is over…at least we can move on to something else…

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