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  • January 25th, 2007

    More of this and that

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:41 am in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (6)

    And yet another backup catcher: The Sox have agreed to terms for a minor league contract with Kevin Cash, who also has received an invitation to Spring Training. I guess, after last year’s debacle with ‘Tek and Mirabelli, and then having to go and get the completely uninspired and unmotivated JV Lopez to fill in the gaps, they need to load the hopper with some other catchers, but HELL, can’t they do better than THIS guy? I don’t know how he is as a defensive catcher (probably could not be worse than JV) but his offensive numbers are…well….offensive: a well below the mendoza line .172 career batting average in 144 games, playing for the Devil Rays and the Blue Jays…UGH….

    Bullpen feeding frenzy: If Terry Francona decides to go with 12 pitchers to kick off the season, the battle for the final bullpen spot should be interesting. As it stands now, here are the definite pitchers:

    Starters (5): Curt Schilling, Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka (it’s amazing how easily I can type his name…I STILL Have to look up Doug Mientkiewicz…)Jonathon Paplebon, and Tim Wakefield

    On the bubble between starter and relievers (2): Julian Tavarez, Joel Pineiro

    Relievers (4): Mike Timlin, and Brendan Donnelly, Hideki Okajima, and J.C. Romero (Okajima or Romero could possible be usurped by lefty Javier “don’t you DARE call me JV” Lopez)

    Favorites to be “the one”: Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen or Devern Hansack

    And the rest: Jon Lester (everyone is waiting to see how things will play out with Jon, as his cancer is currently in remission), Craig Breslow, Kyle Snyder, Lenny DiNardo (will probably be starting for the PawSox), Kason Gabbard, Edgar Martinez (will probably close for the PawSox), David Pauley, and Nick DeBarr (a Rule 5 pickup from Tampa Bay–he had Tommy John surgery in 2005–but who must make the 25-man roster, or be offered back to Tampa Bay…)

    Here’s an inetretsing thought, that I saw was brought up the other day: Where in the world is…..Matt Clement???

    More Spring Cleaning: In addition to the changes I spoke about yesterday (yesterdays blog entry) The Sox will also be continuing their 6-year tradition of upgrades to the 95 year old ballpark with a 3rd base deck behind the grandstand, adding a ladies room to the men’s room that has been there since the park opened. Also included in the plans is a batting cage for the visiting team,also on the 3rd base side. This location will allow folks who are having dinner or a drink at Game On to actually watch the visiting team take batting practice. While that seems pretty neat, I am not sure appetizing it will be to watch sweaty men swing a bat…especially when the Skankees are in town–THAT is enough to keep anyone off their dinner…

    There is also talk about “The Bleachers Bar and Grill”, a family restaurant which will open by the All-Star Break, that will take up the room currently occupied by the old visitors batting cages.

    These changes will also help grow the capacity of the holy land to about 38,800.

    3 weeks tomorrow, pitchers and catchers report…3 weeks and 4 days, the rest of the team will join them–I cannot WAIT to see how it all plays out–it’s so exciting when a season is beginning!

    6 Responses to “More of this and that”

    1. laura says:

      I think we’ll be lucky if we ever see Matt Clement again. Or unlucky, depending on how he pitches..

    2. Christine E. says:

      Until I read about him the other day, I had COMPLETELY forgotten about him–How sad is that?

      But your right–if he is like the 1st 3 months we had him-welcome back–otherwise, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out…LOL

    3. Kaylee says:

      I am excited too see how jon lester pitches this year and i would be happy to never see matt clement in a sox uniform just like most of you would love to never see Rudy Seanez in a sox uniform again……….me on the other hand well…….

    4. Kaylee says:

      Thanks If i dont blog for a few days you will know why:)

    5. ISmokeDope says:

      thanks !! very helpful post!

    6. Net Siparis says:

      Very nice , thanks ..

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