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  • January 24th, 2007

    Bits and Pieces…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:38 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Here is something to set the Roger Clemens fan’s teeth a-grinding–all 3 of them–and I mean FANS, not teeth…If Roger decides on the Skankees–Robinson Cano will give up his #22 so Roger can have his number (he will take 24) Well, DUH…Like the boy would have a CHOICE–is he really going to tell ROGER CLEMENS “pound sand, pinhead, the numbers mine?” And the Skankees made sure to let Roger know of this…Why is this even news?

    And of course Roger’s agent Randy Hendricks is chiming in with the same old party line: “…Boston is one of three teams special to Roger…He has not decided whether he will play, and I don’t think he will decide for some time…If he decides to play, I am sure he will consider Boston. I also am sure it will be a tough decision, just like last year.” I think this is the EXACT same quote they bandied around last year…I don’t know why we all still talk about it–it’s like..ENABLING this Egomaniac behavior–UGH….

    Back on the 17th, I mentioned that Brendan Donnelly was doing the arbitration dance with the Sox (He asking 1.65 million and the sox countering with $1.15 million) and that they would probably meet in the middle, around the $1.4 million range–and guess what? Brendan agreed to a one-year $1.4 million deal. He can also earn up to $50K in incentives, depending on number of games he finishes, starting at 25…He made $950,000 last year…wow, 450,000 raise…wish I got THOSE kind of raises….

    So all that remains in arbitration-land is Wily Mo-and maybe he can get enough of a raise to actually buy that 2nd “L”. While he makes me cringe whenever he is in right field, he is much better in center, or even left. if we don’t sign “just dangling” (still working on the language!) maybe Coco can move to right and let Wily Mo have center….hmmmmm…..

    It had to happen: The Sox are in the process of remodeling the 5th level press box to accommodate the overwhelming number of Japanese media that will be covering Daisuke. The room will double as Press Conference room. Other renovations of Fenway include the renovation of the some of the suites, and installing sprinklers in the restrooms.

    The Ritual of the Virtual Waiting Room: Yep, the day we have all been waiting for…This Saturday, January 27, beginning at 10:00am, the Red Sox will beginning selling the 2007 season tickets online and via phone. (The Box Office at Fenway will not open until sometime next month…This is the grand and glorious event by where I sit in front of my computer anywhere from 2-10 hours, waiting for the chance to purchase a couple of tickets to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for the upcoming campaign. Last year I was the 1st year I actually could NOT get tickets, and this year, with my wedding and honeymoon (Ber-MUDA!) I am not sure I have the money for tickets!

    One Response to “Bits and Pieces…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      I like schilling I hope they extend his contract to allow him to stay here in ’08.I do not want helton if we have to give up LOWELL i love him=)

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