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  • January 23rd, 2007

    This is going way beyond ridiculous…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:40 am in Red Sox Comments (4)

    How many more days can actually go by without there being anything Red Sox Newsworthy? And there is NUTHIN…the big news today? Oakland Relief pitcher Justin Duchscherer signed a 1-year $1,187,500 contract yesterday….whooo hooo….

    It’s gotten so bad that even Stupid Dan hasn’t written a column since January 10–not that I am complaining–I am just using it as an indicator of how little news there is…

    I know alot of the Nation had the distraction with football, at least until Sunday evening. My condolences to the Pats fans–the only thing worse than your team losing is when you team beats itself. I am not a football fan, but I like Peyton Manning, and I have felt that the Colts have been the Red Sox of football for a while–so for them to win, I am happy for them…

    24 Days! 24 Days! February 16th–the day pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers, Florida to kick off the 2007 Campaign–and it will not come freaking soon enough…

    The Boston Globe posed 5 questions with accompanying multiple choice surveys to gauge the feelings of the nation…while I did throw in my 2 cents on the surveys, I am have always been better at the essay portion–more wiggle room to express your opinion…So here are the questions, with my thoughts….

    Boston Globe: We’ve been waiting for nearly two months for the official announcement of J.D. Drew’s five-year, $70 million contract with the Sox, but all we’re hearing from Yawkey Way is that they are working on contract language that would give the Red Sox protection should Drew’s shoulder injury flare up. What gives?

    This is getting ridiculous. At this point, I think its time to commit, or get off the pot. Obviously we have reached an impasse; Satan isn’t going to budge, Theo isn’t going to budge. How freaking long should language take? Aren’t they all LAYWERS anyway??? And we all know that Boras has no problem sacrificing a player to prove a point. And we all know if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a 30-day window to negotiate with Daisuke, we would still be locked in negotiations with him as well…

    Speaking of Daisuke….

    Boston Globe: A Nation rejoiced after the Red Sox broke the bank to bring Japanese sensation Daisuke Matsuzaka to Boston. Now it’s almost time for Matsuzaka to show us all what he’s got on the mound. What are you expecting from him in 2007?

    I think he will be competent, but my no means do I expect him to put up Pedro Martinez-like numbers in his 1st season in the bigs. He not only has the transition from a different type of hitting than the Japanese League, the culture shocks will be enormous…transitioning to American life is one thing, but Boston and Red Sox Nation is not like any other place (or state of mind…) in the world. If he wins 15 games for us in 2007, I will be more than happy. My expectations for a 23 win season come in 2008…

    Boston Globe: Perhaps the biggest question mark heading into spring training for the Red Sox is at the closer’s spot. Rookie Jonathan Papelbon was dominant in that role last season before an injury, but the Red Sox indicated they’re going with Pap in the rotation for 2007. The team signed a bevy of bullpen arms, but which will emerge as the closer?

    As I have indicated before, I am really not all attached to the fact that we desperately need a closer when we break camp in April; I think one will emerge as the season progresses. We were lucky last year that Papelbon emerged very early in the season, although a compelling argument can be made that if Papelbon hadn’t started closing until later in the season, would he have lasted longer? Not that it mattered at the point when he could not longer pitch…But as long as it’s not July and we don’t have roles in the bullpen, I think we can wait to see what happens. That being said, I think Joel Pinero will rise to the occasion and get the job done. He CAN pitch–just not as a started anymore…and declining as one, doesn’t mean he will suck at the other…And the folks who are convinced Fat Boy Roger is coming back to close? Stop smoking crack–it’s not happening…

    Boston Globe: For the Sox to truly be among baseball’s elite in 2007, they’ll have to get solid seasons from top-of-the-rotation starters Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling, who are each coming off sub-par seasons. Beckett heads into 2007 with something to prove in the American League, and Schilling is likely entering his final season in the big leagues.

    After totally rebounding from a less than stellar 2005 campaign, I don’t agree with the assessment that Curt Schilling has a “sub-par season” last year. Did he have the same type of season as in 04? No, but he is also older, and his ankle was in better shape then. BUT, knowing that this is his final year (unless he retires/doesn’t retire like everyone seems to be doing these days…) I think you are going to see a Curt Schilling up a notch–he is the ultimate competitor–he will do everything in his power to go out with a bang–and that means leading the Sox to another World Series…If anyone can will a 20+ win season, I think its Curt Schilling…

    With regard to Josh Beckett, we have all heard the back and forth about how he needed to get used to the American League, blah blah blah. I think the thing Josh needs to learn more than anything to be successful is that HE DOES NOT KNOW BEST. All last year, despite the fact that it DID NOT work, he continued to just try to blast a flat fastball past good hitters–and they would then turn on it, and it’s a home run. Josh, you need to TRUST Jason Varitek, and LISTEN to him. You have passion, and a hell of a lot of talent, but its not your job to THINK–it’s to EXECUTE…I also think that he pitched a complete season without a blister incident is significant–I see a 20 win season for Josh, if he will simmer down…

    Boston Globe: Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz aside, the 2006 Red Sox lineup had some holes in it. The Sox will need some role players, including the newcomers, to carry more of the load offensively in 2007. Who do you expect to step up the most?

    If we ever sign JD Drew, and he stays healthy, I think he can do alot of damage in the 5 hole. However, Coco Crisp is the guy I think will rise to the occasion. He can be very effective, as evidenced by his hitting when he was with Cleveland. If it was true that the finger injury accounted for his struggles, and that it’s repaired. You will see a very different Coco Crisp this year…I am also not discounting the contributions or Youk, or Mike Lowell–both we excellent contributors, both offensively and defensively, and there is no reason to believe that won’t happen again…

    Boston Globe: It’s never too early for predictions: How do you think the Sox will fare in 2007?

    I think the Sox will win the AL East, for the 1st time in about 209 years…as far as where they will go from there, I have no idea…I would like to think they have what it takes to make it to the World Series, but there are 162+ games between here and there…so we will see.

    But…for the Sox to win, they need to play….so can we get on with it???

    4 Responses to “This is going way beyond ridiculous…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      AHHH only 24 days that seems like alot to me.Nice answers to those questions as for the pats loss it didnt really bother me while I am a *diehard fan* of the pats i think the colts just stunned and shocke me that they won and it just never really got to me emotionally great answers to the questions though:) i still *hate* MANNING and VINATERI though:>)

    2. laura says:

      24 days…is better than 25 days…

      Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad. Will Drew be an official member of the Sox by then? Do we care?

    3. Kaylee says:

      Laura i dont care who plays right feild at this point just have somebody play it preferably not WMP(wily mo pena).I wish they would just announce a starter for right feild alreadyy though:)

    4. Christine E. says:

      While Wily Mo is rather challenged in Right, I would not mind seeing him in Center–maybe Coco can play right–do we stil have Eric Hinske? I cannot remember…:-)

      I rememeber I used to CRINGE when I would see Gabe Kapler in Center, but I loved him in right field…:-)

      in less than an hour it’ll be 23 days, which is better than 24..LOL

      Go Sox!

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