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  • January 19th, 2007

    No Trot! Don’t Go!

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:53 pm in Old Friends,Signings and Trades Comments (6)

    I never really imagined Trot leaving…I always thought that Theo would get the STUPID deal done with “Just Dangling” and he would then sign Trot to be at least a utility player..

    But, at least if he has to go somewhere, Cleveland isn’t a bad place to go…I like Cleveland, my Dad and friend Warren are both Indian fans….its a good team, young, a team that will benefit from his experience and leadership…

    As someone who Gabe Kalper calls “…a loyal, deep, strong human being that I have a tremendous respect for,” you know Trot would have NEVER went to those stinkin Skankees….

    A career .278 hitter and the owner of 133 homers, Trot will platoon with Casey Blake in right, and will be paid $3 million as part of his 1-year contract..

    And it’s only a year–he could be back…

    Good luck and godspeed Trot..you will be missed…

    NOW can we get the frickin deal with J. D. Drew done….PLEASE??? 




    6 Responses to “No Trot! Don’t Go!”

    1. laura says:

      You have a point, at least he didn’t go to NY. Things could be worse! But I will miss him way too much.

      And my dad is doing quite well now, thanks for asking – I always appreciate it.

    2. Christine E. says:

      I am SO glad your Dad is doing well Laura!

      Yeah, it sucks to be us with Trot in Cleveland, and I will miss him and his acrobatics in right field…But maybe he can stay healthy and do well there….

      I just hoep JD Drew is worth all of this drama…

    3. laura says:

      I hope he gets some playing time in Cleveland. They do have 3 other right fielders in addition to Trot, so I doubt he’ll be an everyday guy.

    4. Kaylee says:

      I am still around just not lately:D but I am bac anyways i am sad trot left the sox but I like the indians too I follow them alot:)

    5. Christine E. says:

      Hey Kaylee! I am SO glad you are ok….was getting worried…:-)

      Now, don’t get all excited today and relapse..ok?

    6. Kaylee says:

      Okay I will try to contain muself even if m pats do win:D

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