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  • January 19th, 2007

    Around the Bases…

    Posted by Christine E. at 9:53 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts No Comments

    Boomer coming back?: David Well may not be done after all–The Padres has made an offer to try to entice him to forgo retirement for another year. If he does stay with the team, he will join Greg Maddux (also part of the greatest…commercial…ever…) in a rotation that is older than most…and people complained that the Red Sox rotation was too old the last two years (which will NOT be the case this year, with 4/6 of our starters are 26 and under….) Apparently, Wells’ contract contains some guaranteed money with tons of incentives, similar to but “a little better” than his $1.25 million in base pay plus $4.75 million in incentives he had when he was with the team in 2004. Doesn’t anyone who retires, STAY retired??? AT least he is not dragging it ON and ON for months, like some Mercs we know…

    And how ’bout THIS visual? David Wells spent some time on Safari in Africa during this off-season–can you imagine Boomer in a Jeep, with a pith helmet, khakis and a pair of binoculars? Me either…

    Riddle me this: Why why WHY would anyone ask Barry Bonds his opinion with regard to Mark McGwire and Pete Rose? It’s almost laughable–a man who is probably very close to be indicted because he allegedly perjured himself in front of the Grand Jury with regard to a steroid investigation. Has tested positive for amphetamines, but threw a fellow teammate under a bus, saying he got the drugs from him–pretty much has done everything but steal Ted’s head from Arizona–are there really people who actually CARE what his opinion is?? ….This is like Charles Manson giving his endorsement to Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy as “really nice guys” Yeah…..

    There is a chance his contract with the Giants may not get done after all–there are apparently rumors that talks have broken down. Good. I hope he cannot find a team to play for and is forced to retire–I don’t think he has any business breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record—NONE…

    The Red Sox are still currently looking for a closer–and it is looking more and more like it will be coming from the ranks–not that its necessarily a bad thing. “There’s a quality list of candidates to land that job” said new pitching coach John Farrell. I’m sure at this time a year ago, nobody thought that Jonathan Papelbon was going to be that guy.” And that is absolutely true–Keith Foulke was supposed to be the closer when the 06 campaign began–and Papelbon was supposed to start–but since we had a “surplus” of starters, he went to the bullpen…and within days it was apparent who the closer would be….that could happen again–this is baseball–ANYTHING can happen!

    Hell, I just wish SOMETHING would happen….we need some news!

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