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  • January 17th, 2007

    Arbitration: and the Players Who Love It…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:05 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Arbitration is a funny duck–the basics are this: the Player submits a number, based on what he thinks he is worth (which is usually more than realistic) and then the Team submits a number THEY think the player is worth (which is usually less than realistic) and then an arbiter decides–unless the player and the team come to some agreement prior to the hearing. In his tenure as General Manger, Theo has never allowed it to go that far–he gets the deal done before any arbitration hearing can take place…Since the hearings aren’t scheduled until sometime in February, its looking likely that Wily Mo and Brendan Donnelly, the only 2 arbitration-eligible players the Sox have who has not yet reached an agreement with the club for the 2007 campaign, will not be attending a meeting this year…Here is what it looks like:

    Wily Mo Pena 2006 Salary: $ 1.25 million, Asking: $ 2.2 million, Sox counter: $ 1.75 million, Difference: $ 450,000

    Brendan Donnelly 2006 Salary: $ 950,000, Asking: $ 1.65 million, Sox counter: $ 1.15 million, Difference: $ 500,000

    Now, anyone who knows the art of negotiation, KNOWS that the players are going to bid high, and the teams will bid low, with the expectation that they will get something worked out in the middle.

    So I am thinking that the Sox will sign Wily Mo at somewhere around $2 million, and Brendan around $1.4 million

    Hey, it could be worse: It could be the problem the Cubs have; (unfortunately, the Cubs always see to have some kind of problem…) Pitcher Carlos Zambrano submitted for a raise of NINE MILLION from last year– for a records of 16-7 with a 3.41 ERA…Uh…OK….The Cubs countered with a little over $11 million, which is still rather wacky…

    “From the Knock me Over with a Feather–But not really” Department: I feel bad for Nick Cafardo– once AGAIN today, he gets to write about how the JD Drew deal is NOT done…how difficult it must be to regurgitate THAT over and over? How can you make it fresh?”Deal is not done””Deal is in progress”

    “Sides are in discussion”

    “Language issues”

    “Concerns about his shoulder”

    “Satan says he is perfectly healthy”

    And don’t forget my personal favorite: “Hope to have it resolved by the end of the week…”

    This is all we got…at about 42 days since this all began…December 5th to be exact…and I really don’t feel bad for Nick–he gets paid to regurgitate…

    And what is this nonsense about Sammy Sosa trying to stage a comeback? He did not even play in 06, as no one would give him the huge guaranteed contract he was looking for–I believe the Nationals offered him 500K or something–and that wasn’t enough. Apparently, a year off makes you humble: He is negotiating a contract (Minor League, no less) with the team that drafted him 1985, when he was just 16–The Texas Rangers…Sounds like a sympathy contract to me–but then again, the Rangers have a history of boneheaded contracts–Can we say, Chan Ho Park and A-Rod???

    One Response to “Arbitration: and the Players Who Love It…”

    1. michleg says:

      Sammy Sosa was a nothing Singles Hitter until there were a few “Enhancements”:

      My Ultimate FOX Saturday Baseball Parody is up online. It’s 3rd Article from the top one.

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