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  • January 14th, 2007

    Back to the same old, same old…NUTHIN…

    Posted by Christine E. at 1:24 pm in Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (6)

    With 78 days until April 2, and 32 days to Spring Training, one would think that there would at least be SOMETHING to write about….well, guess what, there is precious little Red Sox News….At 39.5 days and counting, the JD Drew saga is creeping closer and closer to biblical proportions..with no end in sight. Satan and Theo are still supposedly working through “language issues”. So what language are they having issues with? Klingon vs Bajoran? French vs Valley girl speak? Farsi vs Swahili? Could one of them take the Rosetta Stone? There are 30 languages–I am sure they could find they are looking for….

    Or, Theo could scrap the whole deal and just re-sign Trot Nixon–there are no super active suitors for him at this time, as the Pirates have pretty much withdrawn their interest in the right fielder…C’mon Theo! even a 1 year contract? You could do alot worse than Trot!

    Former Kansas City cast off to a 1/2 way decent pitcher: Kyle “You will respect my authoritay” Snyder will be pitching for the Red Sox–somewhere, having agreed to a 1 year contract worth $535,000. Not sure where he falls into the mix in an already packed bullpen. Hopefully he will be willing to hang in the minors until we need him…and you KNOW someone will get hurt–and he is pretty versatile, can go long and short relief and even make a spot start or two…

    While I am totally not a football fan..Hope the Pats beat the Chargers today…

    6 Responses to “Back to the same old, same old…NUTHIN…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      Yes,we will win:D

    2. Kaylee says:

      I just watched that video and I made me laugh:)I say just resign nixon at leat we know he will stay healthy all season:)

    3. laura says:

      Kyle Snyder is a decent pitcher, we can use him for an inning or two if need be.

      And you know I agree with you when you say we should just get Trot back! Surely he would want to be on the team again, if only to say “I told you so..”

    4. Christine E. says:

      I just wish there was SOMETHING to talk about…this is getting ridiculous! I don’t even remember it being this bad…

    5. michleg says:

      Well, the parody is dated January 14th, but the FOX Saturday Baseball Parody is up & running, if you need a laugh.

    6. Peter says:

      Hi Christine. I hope you can re-consider your yesterday thoughts. I’ve always thought the world of you, and yes, yesterday was a really tough day for me. Take care…Peter N.

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