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  • January 11th, 2007

    Like finding an oasis in the desert…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:04 pm in Baseball,Red Sox Comments (6)

    Finally! Some Red Sox News! Rookie pitcher Craig Hansen, who struggled mightly when he was with the Sox last season, joins pitchers Kason Gabbard, Clay Buchholz, Edgar Martinez, David Pauley and various position players in the Red Sox Rookies Development Program, which helps minor league players who are withing an 18 month time frame with regard to their major league debuts. They are worked with on all aspects of the game, such as managing expectations, mental approach, hand ow to effectively train and condition to stand up to a 162 game season… While many things can be taught and prepared for, one of the biggest abd best experiences can only be experienced live: “We can’t simulate walking out in front of 35,000 screaming fans their first time,” said Sox director of player development Mike Hazen, “but this is about the things we can prepare them for.”

    It’s a shame that Jim Rice didn’t make it into the hall on this 13th ballot–although he did fare pretty well, garnering 63.5% of this years vote..But he has 2 more tries at this level, before its up to the Veteran’s commitee..hopefully we will see Jim Rice’s visage on the wall in Cooperstown–very soon–and one way or another…

    Now why doesn’t this surpise me #1: The J.D. Drew contract has not been finalized–more talks are scheduled, stuil ltrying to hammer out the language to protect the Sox if Drew’s arm falls off…blah blah blah…

    Now why doesn’t this surpise me #2: Barry Bonds failed a test for amphetamines last season and promptly threw teammate Mark Sweeney under a bus, stating that he has taken something from Sweeney’s locker. So, what you are saying Barry, is that you are a THIEF in addition to being a liar? Of course, no one is commenting on anything, and the San Fran Giants are scrambling to put language in Barry’s one year contract to cover this ass if he is indicted for the Grand Jury perjury charges, or get indicted/arrested/in trouble for anything else. They also pushing language with regard to his blantant unwillingness to follow any of the teams rules. Remember how the only way ANYONE, including the team, got medicial updates was throught Barry’s WEBSITE??? Unfortunately, under the patheic amphetamines policy in place, no public identification or suspensions happens until the 2nd infraction–then it’s a 25 game suspension.

    Keep me in St. Louis: Mark Mulder signed a 2-year contract worth $13 million–but, if he pitches well (and I mean REALLY well) and hits all his incentives, and the moon is in the 7th house, and the cow jumps over said moon–the contract could skyrocket to over $45 million for 3 years–but here is the catch–Mulder is recovering from rotator cuff surgery–he will not even be able to pitch until mid-season. Mulder is tied for the most wins in 5 seasons with 88, and a career record of 103-57 with a 4.11 ERA.

    80 more days to Opening Day, with 35 to Spring Training..there IS an end in sight!

    6 Responses to “Like finding an oasis in the desert…”

    1. Kaylee says:

      heck ya there is an end in sight of the offseason but not for my patriots and my lover TOM BRADY (i have an obsession with him and LORETTA now i love them) but at least i have gotten over RUDY SEANEZ) that is until they win the superbowl=)


    2. laura says:

      I hope Hansen can be the closer. He just needs some work and a lot of confidence. I don’t think he has too much of that.

    3. Christine E. says:

      I think your right, Laura, Hansen needs some work, but he DOES have some nasty stuff…going from college ball to the bigs is a HUGE JUMP..

      Hey! Kaylee! Mark Loretta is Mine! LOL You and your obsessions….LOL

      Thank you for your comments ladies….

    4. Kaylee says:

      haha yeah I have alot of Obseessions I am already fighting wit LAURA FOR BRADY do i need to fight you for LORETTA! LOL!=)

    5. Kaylee says:

      youre welcome BUT LORRETTA IS MINE dont steal him from me haha 🙂

    6. Kaylee says:

      and LAURA i think you are right that is why I said in the future:)   I will be more specific next time.   That was a great hockey game I was at tonight  🙂

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